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Mira Sorvino as Meg Kennedy
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Mariah Carey as Raychel
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Reviewed by FrightMeter10 / 10

A great surprise....

It's really a shame that this movie did not get at least a limited theatrical release. Compared to some of the crap that did get into theaters last years, this movie is a masterpiece. But seriously, I really did not know what to expect when I rented this, but what I got was a movie that I very much enjoyed and a movie that I thought was superbly acted. Oscar winner Mira Sorvino is great, and plays a woman with a troubled past who moves to New York to escape it and to be close to her elderly grandmother. In desperation, she takes a job at a fancy Italian restaurant, that, unknown to her, is run be the mob. At the restaurant she befriends two waitresses played by Mariah Carey and Melora Walters, and what develops is a wonderful friendship, that is until a secret that one of them has is revealed and the illegal activities of the restaurant come crashing down around them. It really is a great movie and I strongly suggest it. All actresses do a great job, but the big surprise is Mariah Carey. She is great and projects a confidence and attitude that is unmatched by her co-starts. This really, really should have been her mainstream acting debut, not the flop Glitter that has tagged her as an untalented actress, because as this film proves, she isn't and I think we can expect more great roles for her. So give this film a chance, it is definitely one of the better movies of it's type that I have seen for awhile.

Reviewed by doyce4sub7 / 10

Prepare for the surprise

I watched this movie very late at night and was very surprised as to how good it really was. Mira Sorvino was very good and very believable in her part. When she told the other two women why she couldn't get interested in anybody, the plot changed to something more than just a "gangster movie". Mariah Carey did a good job as well and didn't seem to try and "take over" the film. Melora Walters role did a change as well and the outcome had more action than expected. Making Mira do something with the body of the man that the gangster had killed was unexplainable but she was truly believable in her reaction to what she was expected to do with the body. This movie is worth watching more than once. Maybe you'll be surprised as to how good the actors do in the film and how GREAT Mira Sorvino was in it as well.

Reviewed by atzimo10 / 10


To be completely honest, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this movie. In fact everything is perfect. I have no idea why 'Wisegirls' has such low imdb rating.

The story is about a girl played by Mira Sorvino who starts working as a waitress in a restaurant run by Mafia. It starts as a drama but ends up in suspense.

Mira Sorvino played the role perfectly. Maria Carey and Melora Walters were great too. And the rest of the cast did their job flawlessly.

'Wisegirls' is a feel good movie that everyone should see. You won't regret it, guaranteed.


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