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Reviewed by TenLineReview7 / 10

10 lines about "Windcroft"

Build and release thriller that caught me off guard.

Strong acting from cast of unknowns, at least the leads - supporting characters weak.

Photography of beautiful landscapes was risky for thriller, but it worked - like "The Shining" but more scenery.

Script was overwritten at moments but the story was strong.

It claims to be low-budget, but there were aerial shots and coyotes and a polished look.

Slow pace, especially in beginning, but it all builds evenly to a frantic ending.

The music was eerie - acoustic with digital effects that worked for many scenes.

The subject matter was unsettling at times, my lady-friend squirmed at some points, but was not over the top.

For a "thriller" it wasn't really very scary - it was more creepy and disturbing, reminding me of a 1960s suspense film but with real violence.

Recommended for cold, depressing nights or rainy afternoons.

Reviewed by supadude20048 / 10

A 4 Rating is V Unfair, as This is Definitely a Love it Or Hate it Suspense-fest. If you liked a movie like Haute Tension, then definitely watch this.

If ever there was a love it or hate it suspense movie, it is Windcroft. But given that it is 4/10 at the time of my writing (with only 99 votes) it definitely looks like the "hate it" camp are winning. Just don't let its awful rating put you off. For this is in many ways an excellent movie which keeps you guessing (if you give it the time for its slow suspense to build); however, I'd say that you have to find yourself with an interest in its characters within the first 20 minutes or you will probably be annoyed by it ultimately.

When someone wrote that this was like a cross between the shining and Wuthering heights, they weren't far off the mark. For it definitely has elements of both in it.

Having said that, I don't wish to say too much more about it at present as I don't wish to give anything away. But it certainly deserves more than its current meagre 4/10 rating. The movie's direction, acting and screenplay were all first rate. Yet some of the complainers write that the movie is not explained and therefore it is rubbish. Well why does madness need an explanation always? Sometimes some people are insane and they are very good at hiding that insanity within themselves until...

By the way, I am not someone who ever enjoys b grade horror movies and still very much recommend this for those who enjoyed a movie such as 'Haute Tension', or, 'Ils' (aka Them).

Reviewed by melloyellobiafra9 / 10

The Farm That Hell Built

The Farm That Hell Built is the name of the making of documentary on this DVD. I wish it was the title of the actual movie. I make this wish because this movie is like one of those early 70's horror movies that builds slowly to a weird, all hell breaks loose climax. And you know that if this movie was in fact released in the early 70's it would most certainly be called The Farm That Hell Built. At least that's what they are calling it at the drive-in in my head where it's playing on double bill with Dream No Evil.

You know what I'm talking about right? No? Well watch more early 70's horror movie for corn's sake. While you're at it check out Windcroft too, or The Farm That Hell Built as I like to call it.

What was the point of all this? Oh yes, Windcroft, I dug it, I think you will too.

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