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Stellan Skarsgård as Joe Heiser
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Jennifer Grey as Kate Bass
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Matthew Modine as Will Parker
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Rebecca Miller as Abigail Weld
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Reviewed by caspian19785 / 10

A Nice Idea....that Falls Short

A comedian made a joke about Wind back in 1992. He said he didn't have time to see the movie blew away before he could see it.

Wind has a small audience of fans. If you own a boat, you may be a fan of a movie about yachts, clipper ships, fishing, boat racing, etc. If you are a fan of Matthew Modine and / or Cliff Robertson, you may be a fan of movies that star them. Oh, if you live in the area where a movie was shot, this could influence you to want to watch the movie when it comes to the local cinema. Besides these reasons, Wind as very few people that will want to see this movie. Although the idea and the story has merit, it "blow away" with the wind. And is it just me, or does the opening of the film remind you of the opening of Grease when Olivia Newton John and John Travolta are talking on the coast of the beach? The scenes are different, but also the same. Oh well, if you like boats or you live near Newport, Rhode Island, Wind may be a nice film to watch.....once.

Reviewed by fmwongmd5 / 10

Saling here

Aside from the blowing of a swift wind there isn't much context to go on.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

functional sports movie

Will Parker (Matthew Modine) joins Morgan Weld (Cliff Robertson)'s prestigious sailing team with his girlfriend Kate Bass (Jennifer Grey)'s encouragement. Kate is a sailor studying aeronautics. Will asks her to join only to be pressured to cut her. Australia breaks America's winning streak and beats Parker's team. Defeated, he finds Kate working with eccentric designer Joe Heiser (Stellan Skarsgård). Despite her reservations, the two men work to win back the America's Cup. Will finds Morgan has gone mad but recruits an eager supporter in Morgan's daughter Abigail.

The sailing is kinetic. The tactics are reasonably explained. It adapted some of the actual America's Cup incidents. It's a functional sports movie. There is a romantic backdrop but it does not take full advantage. It could have been a romantic triangle or even a quadrangle. The acting is solid. With the energetic sailing scenes, this has its memorable moments.

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