Will You Marry?

2021 [TAGALOG]


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Reviewed by daksdiaz1 / 10


This movie makes me cringe can't stand it. Don't waste your time it's not worth your time... Couldn't even finish the movie. Horrible representation of Filipinos. The same old type of Filipino movies that are soo predictable. I tried watching it but it's just simply bad.

Reviewed by xmasdaybaby19664 / 10


The Filipinos churn out films like this, somewhat better than the awful TV shows they makes but still not brilliant but you so have to consider the low budgets they are restricted by.

This is all very daytime TV and you would believe what Sweet is thinking if her father hadn't already died from cancer.

They try to give you the impression that this is a murder mystery and the like of Honey is in danger but the Filipinos don't make those films.

It's a chick flick but watchable for men too just as long as you don't think too much about the plot.

Even the ending where everything should be warm and happy fails badly.

Thankfully, it is less than 90 minutes long so you don't have to endure it if you don't endear it.

The claims in the film of the characters being from Pretty Woman fall well flat. Richard and Julia Roberts this isn't (you never see a Filipino in thigh boots in films).

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