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Reid Scott Photo
Reid Scott as Ben
Kiernan Shipka Photo
Kiernan Shipka as Bea Johnson
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Jean Smart as Peg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Madmartigan1710 / 10

I cried 4 times ..... 10/10

I cried 4 times, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I'll do it again in a heartbeat. I will absolutely be watching this movie again, but I probably won't need to anytime soon, because it's one of those that will stick with you for a while. This movie pulls on your heart strings, while giving you that warm fuzzy feeling with its heartfelt moments. The acting is great and the soundtrack is perfect. I found myself wanting to Shazam every other song. Don't be afraid to happy/sad/whatever you feel like cry because it will be worth it. To find out that this was based off a true story made it hit even harder! Do yourself a favor and watch it now :)

Reviewed by ops-5253510 / 10

of all the...

500 filmflowers ive seen till now this year this is the most beautiful wildflower of them all. Its also based on a true life story, and i should really like to see a decent documentary biographical styled film about beas life and family for real...

its a simple fact that western society never have cared too much for the ''special'', ''the slow'', and the idea of letting two slow grownups having a baby would be like swearing when doing the sacraments. This story shows something different than we usually sees on film, its in fact a story too good to be true...

but it is, and the cast and direction is heavily to blaim for that, the musical score and sets and decoration managements do uphold the beauty of the caracters of this film. And the choice of cast is really ingenious. Its a film about life, love, love and love, and the magics how to live out that life of a lovelife. Its laughter, its tears, its the values of friends and family, but most of all it is a film that brings and gives hope for everyone.

So if you wanna have a nice start on your weekend then bruise your wings over this swainsong of love, even a squirrel wouldve loved this one.a big recommend from the tearful and snotty happy( for them) grumpy old man. Bravissimo.

Reviewed by / 10

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