Wild Beauty: Mustang Spirit of the West



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Reviewed by celinaseillier10 / 10

A breathtaking journey and testament to help save wild horses!

Written, directed, produced and narrated by Ashley Avis, "WILD BEAUTY: Mustang Spirit of the West" is an immersive journey through the history of wild horses in North America.

The documentary depicts a detailed investigative report on wild horses' life conditions in public lands and the cruel issues they are facing. Illegal roundups, captures and sales, including animal traffic and slaughter, American wild horses are the victims of humane activities mainly led by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). Their existence are put at risk as they are massively disappearing.

In collaboration with The Wild Beauty Foundation, the film explore the beauty of wildness through wild horses and their breathtakingly unique herds. All over the world, horse advocates, equestrians and animal welfare protectors gathered to stand with wild horses and asking the government to sign laws to put an end to the inhumane treatment mustangs are going through, for many years.

As a member of The Wild Beauty Foundation, I want to thank endlessly Ashley Avis, her husband and producer Edward Winters as well as the whole Wild Beauty team including our incredible horse advocates and ambassadors. Being a part of the film truly is an immense honor, pride and recognition.

"WILD BEAUTY: Mustang Spirit of the West" is a love letter to wild life, a testament to animal welfare and plight to raise awareness for wild horses. Beautifully shot and narrated, the documentary is making you diving deep into the beauty of wild mustangs and their magical world; but also the cruelty and harshness perpetuated by the brutal roundups and illegal methods.

After nearly five years in the making, Ashley Avis delivers a remarkable amount of dedication, passion and humane spirit through a breathtaking journey to save wild horses along with preserving their natural habitat.

Please share the trailer and the film to everyone around you and tell them to call their law makers. Together and united, we can make a huge difference.

My name is Célina Seillier and I stand with wild horses, forever.

Reviewed by tara-1977710 / 10

A vitally important & beautiful movie about the wild mustangs!

I have been following Ashley Avis journey creating this magnificent film about the wild mustangs for years now. She captures the harsh reality of the BLM round ups with stunning accuracy. The tragedy of these majestic creatures stolen from their natural habitat is that future generations might not know the inspiring freedom that a wild horse embodies! Ironically, the symbolism of the United States being connected to 'freedom' is tied in with wild mustangs, yet they are being rounded up at an unprecedented rate by our own US government. I am incredibly grateful that endless hours of dedication and devotion was poured into this film and hope that it helps the public realize what a treasure the wild mustangs are, before it's too late! Please share this message about the wild ones with your friends and family for the future of the Earth, future generations and for these unique animals!

Reviewed by abliss-5704210 / 10

Georgous film & an urgent plea for action

This is a gorgeously shot documentary carried by an impassioned narrative. Really eye-opening and moving. The brutal roundups of dwindling herds of wild horses at huge taxpayer expense, in order to serve the beef industry and its cohorts - it's outrageous! And how many of us would have ever known, were it not for these intrepid filmmakers? This movie is about so much more than horses (though there is much for horse lovers to swoon over). It's about the scourge of duplicitous human greed on our country's wild, most iconic habitat - placing profits above life, family, and ecological balance. What a fine work of investigative filmmaking!

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