1977 [ITALIAN]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Marcello Mastroianni as Luigi De Angelis
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Gastone Moschin as Vincenzo
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Laura Antonelli as Antonia De Angelis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robo-2210 / 10

American title: WifeMistress

I can not understand why so few people have seen or commented on this film. I`ve seen both the subtitled and the dubbed version and think this may well be Mastroianni's best work. The film runs a very difficult twin course of voyeurism and a woman's sexual and personal awakening.

Early on in the film, Mastroianni's character is forced into hiding across the street from his shut-in wife, who is unaware of where her husband is hiding. As Marcello's character slowly fades in strength and in conviction, his heretofore frigid, hypochondriac wife slowly becomes her missing husband-- taking over his business, his habits, his thoughts, and eventually even his mistress. The change is all the more striking because Marcello watches the change, peeping through her window. As she gains in strength and confidence, he loses both, realizing that his life had been based on lies. The film is lushly filmed with an amazing score. Did I mention that the actresses in the movie are stunningly beautiful? While most would probably pronounce 8 1/2 or La Dolca Vita as the best Italian films ever made, I`d vote for WifeMistress.

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

How could this movie have gone so unnoticed?

This was a terrific Italian film I saw several years ago and loved. It's about a jerk of a husband (Mastriani) who is a traveling salesman who is unfaithful to his long-suffering wife. He blames her for being "frigid" but it's just an excuse to run around on her when he's also out drumming up business. Well, through unusual circumstances, he fakes his own death to avoid being prosecuted for murder. The wife, previously a sickly invalid, forces herself out of the home to take over his job. At first, it's tough, but over time she's able to become quite successful. So much so, that the husband, who's hiding in an abandoned room across the street starts to regret his being in hiding--and for taking this vivacious woman for granted!! Well, where the movie goes from there is something you'll need to see for yourself. The film is very intelligently written and the acting is terrific--see this and see how good some of the non-Hollywood films can be.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan10 / 10

The Wifemistress:The English Subtitled Edition.


Getting in from work,I noticed my dad watching a documentary on TV called Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession.Catching the final section of the movie,I spotted a clip for what looked like a wonderfully stylish title The Wifemistress.Searching round online for the movie,I was disappointed to find that apart from a expensive dubbed Video edition,there appeared to be no DVD,affordable Video,or online site which featured the film.


After giving up on ever seeing the movie,I decided to try one more time by asking a DVD seller if he had the title.Expecting to be disappointed,I was caught completely by surprise,when he revealed that he had recently got hold of an Eng Subs version,which led to me getting ready to finally meet the wifemistress.

The plot-


Since being called rigid by her husband on their wedding night, Antonia De Angelis has suffered from a mental illness which has left her bed stricken.Despite his wife having a serious illness, businessman and wine seller Luigi De Angelis tries to see as little of Angelis as possible, by spending all of his time travelling round visiting his clients.Owed some cash by a client, Luigi decides to visit the man,who he is horrified to discover has just been brutally murdered.

Collecting his cash (what a gent!) Luigi heads for the front door but is stopped in his tracks by a young girl who calls him the murderer.Pushing the girl aside,Luigi suffers a deep cut from a near-by sharp object as he escapes from the murder scene.Fearing that the murder charge will be put on him,Luigi decides to go into hiding.With Luigi no longer being around to berate her,Antonia begins to develop a growing confidence,which leads to Antonia taking her first step out of the bed.With all her Luigi's business affairs being left up in the air,Antonia decides to take matters into her own hands,by personally inspecting each of the businesses,which leads to Antonia discovering what type of "business" actives Luigi has secretly been up to.

View on the film:

In the opening 10 minutes,co-writer/(along with Rodolfo Sonego) director Marco Vicario makes the film look like it is going to be a traditional, reserved costume Drama.Uncovering flesh in a surprisingly kinky sex scene,Vicario and cinematographer Ennio Guarnieri reveal that looks can be deceiving,as the movie explores the sexual power play of the era. Closely following the changing emotions casts across Antonia's face,Vicario uses superb crane shots to display the wealth that Luigi has kept hidden from Antonia.Keeping Luigi hidden in a gloomy safe house,Vicario gives the film an extraordinary water colour appearance,as light browns are buried in Luigi's businesses,whilst Antonia is draped in smooth yellows,as she starts to experience real riches in her life.

Backed by a charming score from Armando Trovajoli,the writers delicately transform the relationship between Luigi & Antonia,with Luigi going into hiding representing the "hidden" life he has been living,which is counted by the open,confident manner that Antonia treats the new joys in her life with.Sending Antonia to each of her Luigi's businesses,the writers give the title a fantastic episodic backdrop,thanks to each business allowing Antonia to uncover a new location, (from a wine bar to a brothel!) and also to add a new string to her bow of life.

Avoiding the easy option of showing him as a complete scumbag, Marcello Mastroianni brilliantly drains Luigi of all of his self righteous,ego-tripping,to uncover a raw, biting at nails fear over Antonia's increasing masculine dominance.Looking absolutely stunning (even when stuck in bed!) Laura Antonelli (who sadly passed away a few weeks ago)gives an amazing performance as Antonia,with Antonelli expressing all of Antonia's changes entirely with her body language,as Antonia's stilted behaviour with Luigi is smashed with a brash confidence and striking sexuality,as Antonia reveals that she is no wifemistress.

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