Wicked Witches


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies5 / 10


After being thrown out of his home by his wife, Mark finds himself back at a place he knew in his childhood called Dumpling Farm. His old friend Ian, who never left, is possessed by a group demonic, flesh-eating witches, who now want to trap and devour Mark.

The debut feature for the Pickering brothers, this film was originally titled The Witches of Dumpling Farm. If I've learned anything from my years of watching movies, it's don't do drugs in the woods with witches. I say this, and I've put myself in real life situations like the characters in the film. Luckily, I survived to tell you about it.

There's not a ton of story here or even anyone likable to get behind and the witches have unexplained motivations, other than they like to trap and eat men. There are some decent effects, though and some really nice shots, such as the highway of parked cars that stretches far and wide.

I will say that this feature looks better than most of the streaming horror choices that you'll find. There's definitely some talent behind the lens and it will be interesting to see where the Pickerings take their talent next.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters3 / 10

I got a surprise for you

Mark (Duncan Casey) gets tossed out by his wife for an affair. He now lives with Ian (Justin Marosa) on Dumpling Farm. Here they throw a party or rather have a festival. Mark has been suffering from nightmares which now come true. The paper is filled with stories of local sinkholes and screams.

The film is low budget. I liked the props. I wasn't keen on the soundtrack. The production had a lot of filler material such as the festival and wondering in the cavern scenes. This film could have been better utilized as background material and character build.

It is odd when running in the forest, the witches can't catch up to Mark. But can catch up to him in a speeding car.

Guide: F-word. sex?. No nudity.

Reviewed by tchitouniaram2 / 10

One of the biggest piles of ---- out there...

One of the biggest piles of ---- out there... The effects are laughable ,at one point thrown on the ground thorn out hand was bouncing up and down,clearly cheapest Halloween prop...the rest is not much better.If you want to learn,how not to make horror films,please,watch it. Gave it a 2 just for some atmospheric camera angles...Who the hell paying to produce this refuse???

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