Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody


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Stanley Tucci Photo
Stanley Tucci as Clive Davis
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Naomi Ackie as Whitney Houston
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Tamara Tunie as Cissy Houston
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Clarke Peters as John Houston
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by romeovision200210 / 10

Awesome movie! A must-see!

I am a person who studied Whitney like she was one of my research papers. Although I never saw her in concert live, I supported every televised event with VCR recordings, DVDs & eventually digital compilations after her death.

So, I went into this movie with a bit of uncertainty, skepticism and some hopelessness that her story couldn't be told properly. However, I left this movie with a feeling that someone got it extremely right.

Despite previews that were overanalyzed, this movie took many correct turns. Without any spoilers, there were likely only a couple of light misses, but the hits were over the top done correctly.

I appreciate the attention to detail. I appreciate the lack of mockery! I appreciate the uplifting of Whitney! I love this movie and it will be in my collection.

Reviewed by tm-sheehan8 / 10

Entertaining and Tragic

My Review - I Wanna Dance with Somebody My Rating 8/10

If you haven't heard of Whitney Houston known as "The Voice" and I doubt anyone who listens to a radio hasn't please don't read further as my review this time contains a spoiler or two.

Whitney Houston still holds the Guinness Book of Records for the most awarded female recording artist of all time with over 400 awards to her name. In her relatively short career her first four albums, released between 1985 and 1992, amassed global sales in excess of 86 million copies.

Of course I knew a little of Whitney Houston's fame and early her tragic death at age 48 from a drowning accident due to a drug overdose but confess I wasn't a great fan of her genre of pop music however I thought she had a magnificent range of voice .

There are two scenes in I Wanna Dance With Somebody that for me whether intentional or not also reflect Whitney Houston's life .

It may sound odd to say that that Doris Day and Whitney had anything in common but the scene in the film where Whitney Houston is watching the classic 1955 Love Me or Leave Me the biopic movie of another famous recording artist of the 1930's and 1940's Ruth Etting who was bullied and mismanaged by her violent gangster manager.

That scene reminded me of Marty Melcher ,Doris Day's husband and manager who embezzled millions of dollars that she had earned throughout their marriage because of poor investments thar left her deeply in debt. The comparison to Whitney Houston is that her father and Manager John Houston played in the film by Clarke Peters did exactly the same thing to his daughter.

The difference between the two women ends there as Doris sued her late husbands business manager and won a huge multi million dollar settlement then retired and lived a long and happy life.

The second scene in this movie that I thought compared to Whitney was her wonderful rendition of the song Home from the Broadway musical The Wiz based on Judy Garlands 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz.

What did Whitney Huston and Judy Garland have in common ?

They were both idolised by their fans ,they both craved attention , they both became a commodity and were used and misused by studios as cash cows or geese that laid golden eggs and because of their addictions and insecurities both died early.

Judy Garland died at age 47 and Whitney Houston died at only 48 years old both from drug related symptoms both left children behind and both only had a shadow of their superb vocal range left.

That's all you really need to know about the plot of I Wanna Dance with Somebody it's a tragedy to see such a wonderful talent blessed with a talented family that included her mother Cissy Huston and cousins Dionne Warwick and opera singer Leontyne Price .

Whitney Huston destroyed herself with drugs and alcohol abuse aided by mismanagement and poor taste in her husband Bobby Brown .

If only she had stayed with her first lover Robyn Crawford who stayed loyal to the end . Nafessa Williams is excellent in her role as Robyn portraying one of the few loyal and trustworthy friends in Whitney's life.

Naomi Ackie is wonderful as Whitney and lip synchs perfectly the songs in the movie she really evokes the spirit and vulnerability of this famous entertainer.

It's an all to familiar story told before in the stories of Aretha Franklin, Billy Holliday ,Amy Winehouse,Janice Joplin and many other artists with addiction problems.

Stanley Tucci gives another great performance as Clive Davis the recording executive who signs up Whitney to a recording contract and introduces her to her greatest hits including Dolly Parton's composition and hit originally recorded by Dolly in 1973 I Will Always Love You which is estimated at earning $20 million becoming the best selling single by a female artist of all time.

Clive Davis if he's correctly portrayed always supported his star recording artist urging her to go to rehab and slow down her tour schedule while her father seemed to just use his daughter as a meal ticket causing her to amass huge debts which added to her stress.

I enjoyed this film it's not what I'd call great but it's very good and that due to the wonderful performances by Naomi Ackie and Stanley Tucci.

With an estimated USD 45,000,000 production budget it's not performing well early in its release at the movie Box Office but it deserves to its well worth seeing at a Cinema near you .

Reviewed by sharliep9 / 10

Some people are too busy trying to be critics to simply feel it

I loved this movie. I actually didn't know a bulk of things going on behind the scenes of her life, so it was very eye-opening to me and heartbreaking. You could see almost from the very beginning, unfortunately, how things and people in her life would build up until she was torn down.

For everyone that keeps quipping about the actress not looking like her - please stop and watch it again. This actress studied ALL of Whitney's body movements, facial expressions and actions. There were a few times in the movie that she came pretty damn close to looking just like her. And she was brilliant.

I hope all the Whitney fans and those who grew up with her music and life will see it. It's a very enjoyable movie.

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