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Rena Owen Photo
Rena Owen as Older Whina Cooper
Kali Kopae Photo
Kali Kopae as Mira Szászy
Vinnie Bennett Photo
Vinnie Bennett as William Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danny-209-91209 / 10

A must see

Terrific film and probably for most would be a surprise. Well crafted wonderfully acted the three Whina's in particular. Its an education and reminder of where New Zealand once was and how far we have come.

Should be seen in all schools . Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Kingslaay7 / 10

I liked it

Whina was a good film about such an influential and passionate figure in New Zealand history. As a New Zealander I was pleased with his film that gave insight into the history and events that have helped shape the modern landscape. I learnt what a brave, strong and fiery person Whina was. She stood up when leadership was needed. History sometimes has a way of glossing over so many key events but it's interesting to note the politics behind so many things. Whina faced opposition and dealt with the politics of standing up for her people. The acting is decent and brings Whina and other historical figures like Sir Apirana Ngata to life. I was glad this film was made and hope to see more decent New Zealand films.

Reviewed by johnparlane9 / 10


So many movies today are soulless, candy floss and CGI. This is not one of those movies...

A powerful and inspiring story of a pivotal character in New Zealand's history, captivatingly recreated.

You know you've seen a great movie when nobody leaves the theatre until the last credit has scrolled. Was left feeling that every 16 year old in this country should see this movie.

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