When the Screaming Starts


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by imseeg7 / 10

Not horror, but it is definitely funny alright!

Good jokes. That's ALL a good comedy needs. And this comedy has tons of it. Typical British humor, with lots of terrific plot turns, silly situations that keep on getting sillier.

Any bad? Well, it aint horror (ofcourse not) but anyone watching this movie for a mere 2 minutes will recoginze the charming, comical nature of this movie.

I was really impressed by the many totally unknown actors that were perfect at making this silly comedy about a friendly couple who think about starting an alternative serial killer family and who start doing interviews in order to find those who would be the best at killing others.

Wacky. Silly. Original.

Reviewed by kannibalcorpsegrinder8 / 10

A fun mockumentary attempt on the serial killer formula

Attempting to find a new outlet in his life, a wannabe serial killer enlists a documentarian to follow him on a quest to find enough followers to lead a cult of like-minded killers through a home invasion, forcing him to question his interests in continuing his career to follow the psychopath.

There's a lot to like with this one. One of the finest efforts here is the rather strong sense of comedy injected into the setup that keeps this one going quite nicely with the darkness of the material present. The formula of the cameras following the killer around and showing the various attempts at going through with killing someone features a rather nice amount of commentary on the nature of being a serial killer since this goes for the odd turn of having the women be the more bloodthirsty while the men are the more hesitant to carry it out. This gives the first half quite a lot to enjoy about it as the goofy atmosphere established at this point carries on throughout this one here that gives everything a solid touch. There were only a few issues to be had here, with the film feeling incredibly odd with the glamorization of a serial killer. The fact that this one tends to focus so heavily on the idea of trying to gain fame for being able to commit these gruesome murders tends to really come off in the wrong formula. This comes off quite oddly in the sense of generating a strange fascination with the killers which feels counter-productive to how this is expected to play out. Still, there's plenty of fun to be had here in the final half where it turns into a bit more of an obvious slasher film with the rampage being carried out in a goofy atmosphere that's all carried along with the same type of comedy repeated throughout here.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies4 / 10

Killer lessons

Aidan Mendle (Ed Hartland) wants to be the kind of killing machine that gets his own Netflix doc or podcasts following his horrible crime spree. His girlfriend Julia (Katherine Bennett-Fox) is holding back sex until that happens; she's also auditioning a family of their own, a cult of like-minded killers.

Nathan Graysmith (Jared Rogers) is looking for a way to get his filmmaking career going. True crime seems like the way to go; he finds Adam and Julia to be willing subjects.

There's no way this is going to end well.

Adding Weird twins Veronika and Viktoria (Ronja Haugholt and Vår Haugholt),senior citizen Donald (John-Christian Bateman),butcher Jack (Yasen Atour),Masoud (Kavé Niku) who is looking for a yoga support group, rich goth girl Amy (Octavia Gilmore) and social media influencer Imogen (Sui-see Hung),they decide that their first night of mayhem will be a home invasion - the targets have been picked by Amy - with Nathan filming it all.

Director Conor Boru, who wrote this with Ed Hartland, has a cute concept that he's infused with a great undercurrent of uncertainty; the horror and madness can intrude at any time and those that want to be a killer the most may not be prepared for what happens when someone who is a true murderer rears their head.

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