When Do We Eat?



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten42%
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Meredith Scott Lynn as Jennifer
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Lesley Ann Warren as Peggy Stuckman
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Victoria Justice as Young Nikki
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Max Greenfield as Ethan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bacchus1449 / 10

Creative, innovative and charming

First movies are by definition hit and miss. They are usually self indulgent (often justifiably so) and either modest or insane. This movie is astonishingly none of those things. The movie is a mass-appeal charmer with some real touching moments blended in with the many physical comedy bits the movie uses to elicit laughs.

The laughs come easy and the viewer forgets the movie is a debut movie, filmed on a modest budget as opposed to a Hollywood blockbuster. The effects are effective, funny and just low-tech enough to fit the visionary elements of the movie. The cast demonstrates legitimacy and insight, even in performing characters that are comically extreme and yet more than on dimensional, led by memorable performances by Michael Lerner, Max Greenfield and the venerable Jack Klugman.

It's a charming movie about a Jewish experience but really, it is one that any family gathering has elements of and thus the movie is familiar to the viewer within the first minutes. The jokes are cute, accessible, funny and insulting only to the most oversensitive among the Jewish diaspora. The few Jewish in-jokes that non-Jews would wonder about are not particularly germane to the plot, but could be tightened up in the future.

You can't fake laughter. 700 saw this movie in its opening night gala world premiere at the Palm Beach Film Festival. I laughed, they laughed and hopefully, a star is born in the creative juices percolating in Salvador Litvak's head.

Reviewed by mje-710 / 10

Very intense, very funny, too many jokes per minute to get in one sitting.

A good movie about Jews for non-Jews. This movie uses humor raw, sophisticated, slapstick to detoxify Jewish stereotypes. It shows the origin of some of these stereotypes in easily understood terms: fear, lust, resentment of parents; same as everybody else. The density of jokes per minute is enormous. Sometimes two and three at a time. There is something to offend every Jew - initially. But the truth in the criticism is evident too.

Great acting performances. The actors are required to simulate so many intense emotions that a mediocre cast would have killed the movie.

Because the movie is so funny it can stand on its own as a comedy but I think Jews will come out of it happier that they are Jews and non-Jews will come out of it wanting to know Jews.

Reviewed by llarusso10 / 10

Wonderful movie - want to see it again

I saw this movie over the weekend at the Boston Film Festival and just loved it. It's a Seder supper that is going terribly wrong with the world's most dysfunctional family. But then it takes an unexpected turn and... well that's what makes this film so great. It's not just a run of the mill comedy. It's not predictable. It manages to surprise and delight you. Plus, it has some excellent visual effects. I laughed, I cried and in the end, found it truly heartwarming. Michael Lerner's performance brought me to tears. Lesley Ann Warren is fabulous. Jack Klugman as the crabby grandfather is excellent. Adored Shiri Appleby's performance also. I can't find anything bad to say about this film. I can't wait to see it again!!!

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