When a Man Loves a Woman


Action / Drama / Romance

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Meg Ryan as Alice Green
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Mae Whitman as Casey Green
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Tina Majorino as Jess Green
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

a bit too long and too slow

Airline pilot Michael Green (Andy Garcia) seems to have a perfect family with wife Alice (Meg Ryan),stepdaughter Jess (Tina Majorino),and daughter Casey (Mae Whitman). However, Alice is an alcoholic and she starts failing to maintain her life. Amy (Lauren Tom) is their babysitter. Emily (Ellen Burstyn) is the grandma. The perfect family life suffers as Alice struggles against her addiction.

This may be a good portrayal of alcoholism and recovery. It isn't that great of a cinematic experience. It's too long and too slow. I think I don't like Andy Garcia in this father role. He has an explosive intensity but I would like an actor with a calmer personality. Meg Ryan is good at drunk acting. The movie doesn't really have anything new. In the end, the length probably wore me down.

Reviewed by bevo-1367810 / 10


I hope she doesn't drive drunk. She's a bad enough driver as it is.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan1 / 10

When a man hates a film.....

An airline pilot and his wife are forced to face the consequences of her alcoholism when her addictions threaten her life and their daughter's safety.

While the woman enters detox, her husband must face the truth of his attitude and tolerance.........

Which to be fair is really good considering his situation.

And this is why the film really rubbed me up the wrong way. Whom is the victim in this relationship? Is it Ryan? She has a disease, so she is forgiven when she strikes her daughter and tries to commit the most selfish act any human can do.

Is it Garcia? A hard working put upon husband who is always on tenterhooks as to whether he can go and do an honest days work, without worrying about the sobriety of his Wife.

Sure, he loses his temper a little halfway through the film, so when Saint Meg comes out of rehab all clean and sober, to thank Garcia, she throws him out of the house with a doe eyed look.

It's a terrible film with an awful message.

It's basically saying if you are middle class with a good income and plenty of hiding spaces,then it's okay to be a drunk, because you have respect from your peers and all your friends. Ryan plays an awful drunk, slightly slurring and shouting at times, and then when she is better, she goes from slightly irritating drunk, to downright abhorrent angel.

There's no realism to the film, and to add the ice to the cocktail, we finish with an award ceremony where Ryan gives a speech about everything bad she has done, and Garcia is there and they all live happily ever after.

If you want to see a film about hoe alcohol can affect home life, see Nil by Mouth.

If you want to stay in your silly bubble see this, it's so unrealistic, it almost veers into the world of fantasy.

Honestly, Arthur was more realistic than this.


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