What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edouard_monpetit1 / 10

What the Bleep?

Having no prior knowledge about the "what the bleep" series, I picked up this film with the following two assumptions:

1) It is an in-depth exposition of quantum mechanic principles and how it relates to everyday life.

2) It is *not* an attempt of some obscure occult movement trying to link the "spiritual" and the "physical" worlds.

The first 30 minutes or so was a barrage of ideas that may or may not have to do with quantum physics or to each other. Then it got a little more weird ... when they talked about how meditation could influence electronics and crystal growth, and how basketballs can be at one place and everywhere (may work as an example, but not in reality). I started skipping sections after sitting for about an hour. When I heard something about some Atlantic warrior God ... okay, that's too much ... I wonder if the meditation is doing something to my DVD player.

I really wonder how they get a line-up of all these doctors and professors. (Okay, one was a priest-turned-physicist, and a couple of them got their degrees at on-line universities). I can only imagine that, the physicists and doctors, at least those who were reputable, were somewhat deceived when they signed in for the interviews.

In the end, I felt cheated, to see that, this is nothing more than a propaganda for some new-age occult religious movement, based totally on misrepresented scientific principles. I wish they were a little more up front about their film, or at least put a disclaimer on it, to let the viewers be aware its purpose.

In my opinion, the whole film was meant to confuse the viewer with sound bites from all the interviews, while a "message" slowly builds up with the Amanda plot line. The leaders of the cult probably assume that they fan easily manipulate the viewers' intelligence the way they do to their own followers. Sorry, I am not a physicist, but I know enough to say that it is all rubbish.

Out of ignorance, incomplete understanding, many of these so-called philosophers and religious practitioners claim that Einstein's theory of general relativity and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle are the missing links between the scientific and spiritual world. To quote the words of Prof. Dick Feynman, "as always ... when philosophical ideas associated with sciences are dragged into another field, they are usually completely distorted." Indeed, this film distorts what is quantum physics and the filmmakers feel no qualms about it.

Reviewed by vikingwench1 / 10

This movie Sucked

I naively thought that this movie would explain to a dummy like me some of the more curious and fascinating aspects of quantum physics.

I guess the "dummy" part of the above equation was the operating factor.

What a stupid and annoying movie - to suck someone in with the lure of actually learning something only to find out that this little fairy-tale was about as in touch with reality as the original rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland.

Some re-packaging would be in order to warn other unsuspecting naifs that this is an exercise in credulity with abysmally lame ignorance on display.

The best thing about it: anticipating watching it.

The worst thing about it: watching it.

Reviewed by loozzotys10 / 10

Its probably one of the best summaries

Well balanced and complete, it covers a wide area of knowledge and basically like Steve job used to say "makes knowledge user friendly". As a mathematician, engineer and physicist myself, I found it an excellent video to share with friends who ask "what is the universe and whats the grwatest mysteries?". I find this enjoyable to watch and the actress guiding us is great. Definitely a must see.

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