What Lies Upstream


Action / Documentary / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deloudelouvain7 / 10

The whole system is corrupt... nothing really new and that's sad...

What Lies Upstream isn't something you watch to make you happy. It's quite the opposite, after watching this documentary my faith in humanity (which was already not very high) got lost a bit more, if that's even possible. It's well made, informative, but mostly another eye opener. That we are killing our planet is obvious to almost everybody, and this is another proof of it. What I learned the most about What Lies Upstream is that everybody can be bought. You can see Randy Huffman being the guy that gets a lot of money for basically doing nothing, not being aware of anything that is happening in his domain, not really interested or concerned, and then towards the end turning into growing a conscience and trying to do something about a problem that will never be solved but just erased from the records. And then you have Rahul Gupta, a man from who you think that he's concerned by the whole problem, that wants to make the public aware of the dangers, that wants to make a difference, turning into a man that gets politically involved and then suddenly is doing nothing anymore about it, if not trying to do the opposite of problem solving, disminishing all the problems, in other words another career opportunitist that can get bought. I was just wondering what the number was needed to change him like that? What Lies Upstream should be a mandatory watch, should be discussed every day, should result in locking up a couple thousand of greedy people, from politicians to researchers to compagnies. But don't be fooled, nothing of this will happen, the lobbyists will continue their filthy games, companies will continue poluting our planet, people and nature will continue paying the heavy price, nobody will ever care, and the few concerned citizens that do care will be made to shut up.

Reviewed by The_Boxing_Cat10 / 10

Not a Left or Right argument

This is a well put together documentary and a very important one. We are being hoodwinked by those we elect entrust with our children's health.

We are one of the few countries left that still puts fluoride in our drinking water. It has been banned from many other countries, but as long as the money machine is working behind the scenes, we will continue to get sicker and sicker. I stopped using tap water when I was diagnosed with MS. I had a gut feeling about the water- so this film really hit home.

I looked into suing the CDC on a completely different issue, but learned that that's something I cannot do because they are PROTECTED by law.

Many people who work at our government regulatory agencies come from big pharma, big oil etc., now they are getting their pockets lined from their old work chums.

The corruption is widespread and being fueled by the lobbyists of big business. They don't give à rats a$$ about your health. It's ALL ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE. They don't want you to show them scientific proof, they want you to show them the MONEY.

I was a bit disappointed to see that Dr. Gupta sold out, but in the end, they all do.

Great film and one that everyone should see.

Reviewed by nudada9 / 10

What's in your water?

Ewg dot org/tapwater/ Made me think, AGAIN. The EPA (among other regulatory federal agencies) under the Trump administration is being systematically dismantled. It's always been underfunded, generally compromised by the external entities that unfortunately seem to run all regulation for their profit-- >>> mostly regardless of the party in power. $$ Odd that this is described as a political thriller. It actually appears to start out to be a documentary based on the Elk River 2014 chemical spill in West Virginia. But it's so much more.

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