What About Bob?


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Bill Murray Photo
Bill Murray as Bob Wiley
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Richard Dreyfuss as Dr. Leo Marvin
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Kathryn Erbe as Anna Marvin
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Julie Hagerty as Fay Marvin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg10 / 10

better than anyone might expect

Bill Murray really does his best when playing outright wacky characters like the one in "What About Bob?". In this case, he's a mentally unstable psychiatric patient who follows his psychiatrist (Richard Dreyfuss) on vacation and practically takes over. In a way, the whole movie's sort of silly, but it shows how the psychiatrist is basically a pompous dweeb and Bob is the world's most lovable person, if not quite all there. It's really neat towards the end, how the psychiatrist starts losing his mind in frustration. All in all, it shows that Frank Oz is quite capable as a director, and that Murray and Dreyfuss are two of the greatest actors of our era. Also starring Julie Hagerty, Charlie Korsmo and Roger Bowen in his final role.

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

Only a 6.7?!

Gee,...considering this is probably Bill Murray's funniest comedy and it is rated so poorly, no wonder he's recently taken to making odd and very unfunny movies. After all, with WHAT ABOUT BOB?, GROUNDHOG DAY and THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE, he was responsible for probably three of the top comedies of the 1990s...yet all are rated relatively low on IMDb. I just don't get it.

Bob is one of the most annoying and compulsive patients any psychiatrist can have. He's needy, histrionic and sneaky, so when his brand-new therapist goes on vacation, Bob connives to find Dr. Monroe and vacation with him and the family! Now this stalking behavior isn't particularly funny, but what makes this such a great comedy is that Dr. Monroe is a sanctimonious and pompous jerk and it's fun to watch Bob make Monroe's life miserable!! Plus, unlike some comedies that let up, in this film every time you think things can't get worse for Dr. Monroe--they do!! This makes for a funny and deliciously black film--one that can't help much make you chuckle.

By the way, I was a psychotherapist and now teach psychology instead of work with patients. When the film came out, many of my colleagues were scared to death by the film because it did hit close to home, while others thought it hilarious. Having never had a patient like Bob, I guess it was pretty easy for me to laugh at the whole thing!

I have to go now--I'm about to teach my class about "death therapy".

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Great odd couple pairing

Bob Wiley (Bill Murray) is a wacky oddball. Doctor Leo Marvin (Richard Dreyfuss) is a confident NY psychotherapist who is looking forward to a "Good Morning America" appearance to push his book. A colleague pawns Bob off to Leo as a new patient. Bob is immediately attached to Leo and his book's advise of Baby Steps. When Leo tells Bob that he's going on vacation with his family, Bob can't take it and tracks him down. Leo thinks his life is great, but not everything is going as well as he supposes. His townie neighbors hate him. His son is afraid to dive. His daughter hates to be over-analyzed and has normal boy troubles. His wife could do with more consideration from Leo. And worst of all, everybody loves Bob.

Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss make for a great odd couple. They are both doing something within their skill sets. Bill Murray is especially wacky in this, and Dreyfuss plays annoyed very well without being completely unlikeable. One could certainly understand Leo's point of view, but it's also obvious how wrong he is.

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