Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins


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James Earl Jones as Papa Jenkins
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Reviewed by Calicodreamin6 / 10

outwit. outlast. outplay.

Solid Martin Lawrence comedy. Not all the jokes landed, but for the most part it worked. The obstacle course scene was by far the best part, laughed out loud. Acting was decent, storyline predictable, and worth at least one view.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10


Roscoe Jenkins RJ Stevens (Martin Lawrence) is a successful Hollywood trash talk show host. He's engaged to Survivor contestant Bianca Kittles (Joy Bryant). With his son, the trio goes back to his home town for his parents' anniversary. The family gathering with his country relatives goes badly. His dad (James Earl Jones) is not impressed with his success and he continues his competition with rival cousin Clyde (Cedric the Entertainer). It doesn't help that Clyde is with his childhood crush Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker) and there is plenty of family drama.

The problem is that Roscoe is a mean-spirited character which brings out the worst of Martin Lawrence. I can definitely see this movie working if Martin gets his butt kicked a lot more. The vicious taunts are flying so fast that for a moment, I felt sympathetic towards Bianca. That moment passes quickly and there is nobody worth anybody's sympathy. Martin is the clown. He's angry. He's petty. There's a way to make that funny. This is not funny. The movie wants the audience to root for him but there is no way I care about the guy. I do care about him being a better father. The problem there is that the son isn't that interesting and he isn't given much screen time. I still root for RJ to be a good dad. Maybe it could stay focused on that more.

Reviewed by edwagreen2 / 10

Welcome Home...R.J. Skip the Invite *1/2

Disgusting, vulgar film that is supposedly dealing with family relations.

What Martin Lawrence, who portrays successful talk-show host Roscoe Jenkins, goes home to visit his estranged family after 9 years, all hell breaks loose.

Must the stereotyping of a black dysfunctional, vulgar family ensue? They are boisterous and Monique, who plays the fat sister Bette, is outright vulgar in the part. She fights like a boxer and her yelling of "get off of me," reminds me of my days as a middle school teacher, when fights broke out in the hallway among students. Monique had better calm down this year as talk continues that she may be vying for a best supporting actress nomination for her vulgar mother role in "Precious."

As far as this film, we are constantly subjected to fighting, screaming and even seeing Roscoe's poodle having intercourse with an old family dog.

It takes this trip for Roscoe to realize the true meaning of family. Do we have to see all the nonsense ensuing? He realizes that his girlfriend is a phony and that his son is yearning for family cohesiveness.

Nice to see Margaret Avery, Shug in 1985's "The Color Purple," in this film. She adds some dignity to an absolutely classless film. James Earl Jones does have his presence felt as the patriarch of the family.

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