Warlock III: The End of Innocence


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FiendishDramaturgy1 / 10

In a word? Lame.

As far as sequels go, this one rates right down there with Pet Semetary 2 and Exorcist 2. Lame, Lame Lame!!!

This movie had absolutely NOTHING to do with the first two movies. And, unfortunately for Julian Sands fans, he wanted too much money to do this third installment, and so the studio hired some lame a** to play his character. Never a good move in a sequel, and that little studio stunt drags this already wavering "B" flick down into the trenches of the "D" category. Dirt. Disgusting.

Deplorable. Detritus. Dire.

I hate this movie. It represents everything that has ruined the industry. Shoddy acting, horrible casting, non-existent directing...the cast of characters wanders aimlessly through this horrid piece of garbage seemingly with no direction whatsoever.

This is not even a movie. It's a flick, and nothing more. Don't waste your time, or resources on this one.

It rates NOTHING -0/10- from...

the Fiend :.

Reviewed by Shaithis8 / 10

A Tale of Witchcraft And Warlocks.

One movie I was not too fond of was Warlock featuring an actor I really couldn't stand...Warlock featuring Julian Sands. It was quite a predictable, if not quite boring film.

One day, I'm not sure if I saw it on a pay-tv channel or what, but I watched Warlock: Armageddon. I really thought it was neat, original, and especially smart. So when I saw yet another sequel, I was hesitant, but picked it up anyways.

What I received was not as original as Armageddon, but it did have its entertainment value. I remember long ago when Witchboard had the same effect, but it did not hold up over time, and I can't say I think this one will either.

The creators of this film have done a wonderful job on what looks like a not too huge direct-to-video budget. A major selling point was the presence of 'Hellraiser's' Ashley Laurence (I'm a sucker for a cute tough girl that can defeat demons) as I have not seen her in anything since 'The Lurking Fear'. Once again, in typical Ashley Laurence fashion she's the main chased after girl who must defeat the demon (or shall we say warlock).

Bruce Payne grew on me through the film. At first I must admit I even thought Julian Sands would be better. But his calm demeanour really intensified the scenes and gave some nice atmosphere.

The film, yes is quite a stereotypical one. But it did have interesting elements placed in it. I really liked the druid aspect that Armageddon brought, and while it isn't really showcased in this film, there is a good witch, and a nice young aspiring good witch that try to battle the Warlock. Unfortunately it is in a minimal amount of the film.

A group of friends, all of different stereotypes (one is a musician, another an artist, a witch, a kinky sex kitten, and a kinky muscled possible ahem jockish-type character?) head to an old house which is scheduled to be demolished. Ashley Laurence, whom in this film is an orphan, never knew her birth parents. It is their old house. What follows is your basic what has happened in the past will now repeat in the future. It is only up to this small group of friends to stop it (and whatever clues and artefacts are found around the house).

I recommend this film to anyone who likes mild witchcrafty-type horror films for a light viewing. It's not like the other Warlock films have been Shakespeare, and this one is the same.

Reviewed by radioguyreturns7 / 10

Far better than most of the reviews out there, and deserving of a sequel

You really have to give credit where credit is due. I couldn't imagine anyone doing better playing Julian's Warlock than Bruce Payne. Then again, David Twohy isn't credited on this, so perhaps this isn't the Warlock we know and love to hate.

I did assume that without Julian, they were just starting anew with a new Warlock character played by Payne, and I guess that may be the case. However, Bruce's outfit and hair color certainly imply it's old blondy again.

Now, I thought a new character would really irk me, but while not simply emulating Sands' characterization, Payne adds to it. I don't think he quite makes it his own, but he certainly raises the bar for Sands, should he even consider returning to the role. Some think this may have been too wordy compared to the previous action-driven installments, but it worked for me. Certainly enough to overlook the other mediocre people in this film. That's not to say their acting sucked, though. They were believable as their characters. It's just that their characters were boring.

I think I would quite enjoy Bruce returning as blondy again, but if Julian were to return, I think he'd have to rise to the new bar set by Payne, even if it isn't quite the same character. Bruce gave his Covington more depth in some areas, while Julian seems to bring more murderous intent to his Warlock.

Sadly, it's been 8 years. While I consider one of the previous reviews "Hopefully the end of this particular franchise" to be sheer nonsense, it's clear that the rights holders have no faith in another film despite the quality of the premise the franchise is based on.

This is a shame. The original film's story and characters were fantastic (well, Lori Singer's wasn't crucial),and surprisingly not realised on film in the decades before. It seems to be one of, if not the, definitive witchcraft horror films. True, the second paled in comparison, with only Sands worth watching, but this, the third installment, seemed to recapture the depth and motivation of the, or a, Warlock character.

I would hope that those who own the rights consider seeking out a quality screenwriter who could tempt Sands, Payne or even Richard E. Grant back to their roles. (I always imagined blondy would finally meet his end at the hand of Redfern after being sent back in time again)

Here's hoping for Warlock 4...

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