War of the Arrows

2011 [KOREAN]

Action / Adventure / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cosmo_tiger9 / 10

For someone who is not a big fan of this genre this was excellent. Best movie like this since Hero. A must see. I say A.

"You're now Ja-in's father, you must take care of your sister until you die." After getting into an argument with his sisters fiancé Nam-Yi leaves his village before her wedding. When he returns he is told of the attack and kidnapping of his sister and sets out with his bow to get her back and exact revenge. As many of you may know I have never really been a big fan of these epic martial arts type movies. There have been a few I liked but not many. This one may be the best one I have seen since "Hero". This movie grabs you from the opening scene and is action packed and keeps you interested the entire time. The story and action are very well done and there is not a dull moment in this at all. There are some very brutal scenes in this but it's not over the top at all and it helps the story. For fans of this genre this is a must see. For those like me who can go either way this is still a movie that is very much worth watching. Overall, one of the best of this genre I have seen. I give it an A.

Reviewed by Wuchakk7 / 10

War of the arrows in 17th century South Korea when the Manchurians invade

Released in 2011, "War of the Arrows" is set during the second Manchu invasion of Korea where Korean Nam Yi, an expert archer, pursues the Manchurians to save his younger sister Ja-In, who was dragged off by the invaders.

The tone is akin to 2006' "Apocalypto" and, while the plots are similar, the protagonist in "War of the Arrows" is the hunter rather than the escapee; not to mention his loved ones have been captured by the enemy and torn from their homes, not hidden somewhere near their village. Imagine the excellent TV series "Vikings," but with way more action and set in 17th century Korea.

This is a top-of-the-line adventure/action flick with awesome forest cinematography, superb costuming, effective score, convincing acting and consistent thrills. All you have to do is persevere through the first half hour and then it's non-stop-thrills from there. There are some flaws, like the villagers being wholly surprised by the Manchurian attack to the point of obliviously performing their regular activities to the very moment the horsemen strike by the sword; even a wedding ceremony is completely surprised. Why sure! The chasm sequence is also weak because the warriors wouldn't be able to successfully jump across unless it was 20' wide or less, but it looks much wider. Then there's the lame tiger CGI. Despite these negatives, this is an eminent adventure/action flick.

Unless you speak Korean you'll have to click on the English audio or subtitles on the DVD.

The film runs 128 minutes and was shot in South Korea.


Reviewed by Leofwine_draca8 / 10

Excellent historical action flick

WAR OF THE ARROWS is an excellent historical action flick with a twist: almost all of the action sequences are centred around bowmen facing off. Now, I've always loved archery when it's depicted in films, so I was delighted to read the premise and watch the trailer for this movie. For me, there's something intrinsically exciting about the look and the skill that goes into wielding a bow efficiently; I'd much rather watch a shoot-out staged with bows and arrows than guns. WAR OF THE ARROWS turns out to be just the film for me.

As usual for the Asian historical epic genre of recent years, the film looks great. Director Han-min Kim crafts a great-looking movie that ably matches the finesse of other recent Korean movies known for their style and substance. The cast are fine, giving their all in emotive turns without ever openly overacting. And the action scenes blow you away time and again.

Okay, I'll admit that the first half-hour is a little shaky. The set-up, although exciting, is followed by a slightly dull "get to know the leads" type scenario which drags a lot. Once the plot begins proper, though, it doesn't let up. There are twists and turns galore, plenty of moments of high drama, and then in the second half of the movie things turn into a virtual re-run of the Mel Gibson epic APOCALYPTO. Think a pared-down narrative, small-scale action – one versus a group – and suspense going through the roof. Yes, it's that good, and even some slightly dodgy CGI doesn't let it down. If only ROBIN HOOD, another recent film about a forest-dwelling archery champion, could have been this good!

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