Walk Proud



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Robby Benson Photo
Robby Benson as Emilio Mendez
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Pepe Serna as Cesar
Sarah Holcomb Photo
Sarah Holcomb as Sarah Lassiter
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Henry Darrow as Mike Serrano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ldkoke10 / 10

Not A Bad Movie!

Robby Benson and a cast of others star in this love/action type story. When Benson gets involved with a girl in school he starts to try and distance himself from his friends. This is a hard to find movie. I don't think I've ever seen it on tv. But if you ever come across it you should give it a look!

Reviewed by pezer-15 / 10

not horrible

I always loved Robby Benson when I was a kid. So when I saw a title in the TV guide line up, that I had never heard of, I set out to give it a shot. But watching this movie Robby couldn't keep up the "gangsta" strut throughout. I guess I just look for inconsistencies. The movie itself wasn't all that bad. Typical 70's Robby stuff. Trinidad Silva (Hill Street Blue's fame) of course has his Chicano gangster character down pat. I happened to come across this movie in the movie guide for an Encore channel. I thought I would give it a go. All-in-all not a bad movie, if you can get past the typical "hokey" 70's gang stereotypes. Think Shaft or Foxy Brown. But, if you like Robby, I think you will like the movie.

Reviewed by Captain_Couth7 / 10

Pay no attention to Robby Benson playing a Chicano because it's a good movie

Walk Proud (1979) is about the life of teenage Emilio Mendez who is of mixed heritage (ethnic Mexican and Caucasian) and struggles with his loyalty to his gang when the lovely Sarah Lassiter (Sarah Holcomb) enters his life. With no future in being a street gang member, learning the truth about his heritage and the love of Sarah brings Emilio to a crossroads to where his life is going. Being harassed by the police, rival gangs and his cohort Cesar (Pepe Serna) questioning his loyalty will lead Emilio to a fateful decision that he must make walking proud.

I was impressed by the movie because it's been knocked for have Robby Benson playing a Chicano. Once you learn about his true background, the story makes sense and is realistic because I have meet people like his character Emilio. Co- stars Trinidad Silva, Ji-Tu Cumbaka, Gary Cervantes and Panchito Gomez help Benson carry the movie and the underrated acting they provide make this movie a winner. Watch for character actor Brad Sullivan who has a small part as Jerry Kelsey, Emilio's estranged father.

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