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Reviewed by Red-12510 / 10

Highly talented drag queens perform in Havana

Viva (2015) is an Irish film, set in Cuba, directed by Paddy Breathnach.

The film stars Héctor Medina as Jesus, a young gay man who is a professional hairdresser. He also works fixing the wigs of drag queens who perform at a local night club. Eventually, he performs in drag, and he turns out to be highly talented.

Jesus's mother is dead. His father killed a man, and has been in prison for 20 years. The plot begins when his father returns. Angel, played Jorge Perugorría, starts out as a unidimensional macho brute. However, director Breathnach is too talented to let him remain nothing more than a stereotype. An interesting relationship begins between father and son, and that's the real strength of the movie.

Well, that's one of the real strengths of the movie. The other strength is the music and the drag performances. These men are talented, and we don't just see little clips of their acts--the camera lingers on them, and their work draws you in.

We saw this movie in a special preview performance at the excellent Little Theatre in Rochester, NY. The ImageOut LGBT Film Festival is one of the highlights of the year in Rochester, and ImageOut sponsored this special showing.

The director of ImageOut film selection, Michael Gamilla, told us that he saw this movie at a festival in Berlin, and begged the producer to let it be shown in Rochester. (It will be shown in the U.S., but only in limited release in larger cities.) Because the movie hasn't been released yet, a print was available, and Rochester got it. Good work by Michael; good luck for us.

This is a movie that will really work better on the large screen, because the drag performances will be diminished--literally and figuratively--on the small screen. If you live in New York, Chicago, Miami, or San Francisco, you may get a chance to see it in a theater. If not, try to get it on the small screen. You'll still enjoy it.

Reviewed by jrpollo8 / 10

Outstanding depiction of life in Havana

The first thing that knocks you out is the cinematography. It is a marvel how they can pull that off in a run-down, old, desolate place like Old Havana. But besides the obvious drag-queen story there is a very realistic depiction of life in Havana which, although touched up a bit, still gives the viewer a sense of how it really is. Well-known Cuban actors Luis Alberto Garcia (unrecognizable in drag) and Jorge Perugorría give excellent performances, but the star is newcomer Hector Medina. The only low point of the movie is the subtitle translation which does not do justice to the writing. I'm not sure how this film will play in Peoria, but in Miami's Little Havana where I saw it today it did just fine.

Reviewed by ccorral4199 / 10

VIVA la difference

Ireland director Paddy Breathnach's "VIVA" is yet more proof that the independent foreign film is alive and well. Relative new comer Hector Medina is Jesus, a young Havana hairdresser making ends meet (no pun intended) after his mother passes and his dad left at the age of three. With hairdresser fees low, and a chance to join the troupe of drag performers he styles wigs for, Jesus hits the stage only to be confronted by his past. While Mama (the touching Luis Alberto Garcia) tries to guide him, Jesus' father Angel (the confrontational Jorge Perugorria) slams the breaks on. Director Breathnach, along with writer/actor Mark O'Halloran, have captured the poverty stricken Havana-hood and various film locations perfectly, enabling the audience to understand the community, comprehend the stigmas, feel the tension and believe in complicated love. Featuring English subtitles, a fantastic unknown cast to the US film market (including the terrific Renata Maikel Machin Blanco),and an outstanding sound track, "VIVA" is much more than a drag show film. Recently shown at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the film is now out in limited run. If you can find it, you won't be disappointed.

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