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Ed Harris as Richard Tipton
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Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

Hagar's story

Jennifer Connelly's performance in the title role is the best and most interesting thing about this quirky film. Dustin Lance Black's story and direction examine all kinds of things about what ticks in the great heartland of America who just inflicted Donald Trump on the world.

Virginia casts Jennifer Connelly as one most disturbed mother who for almost two decades has had a clandestine relationship with the local sheriff Ed Harris who now has political aspirations. Harris is a Mormon who would not have liked to see polygamy abolished. Essentially it's a question of him being Abraham having Sarah and Hagar. And we know what kind of raw deal Hagar got.

But Virginia might be cast in the role as Hagar, being given the heave ho because Harris is running for State Senator as of course a law and order conservative. Choice between Connelly and the Sarah of the story Amy Madigan it's crazy Connelly coming up short.

Complicating all this is Harrison Gilbertson Connelly's son who might be Harris's also. He's gotten interested in Harris's daughter by Madigan, Emma Roberts. That could really screw up things for Mr. Law and Order/Family Values.

It ends in tragedy for some, just desserts for others, and escape for some more.

Writer Black has created some colorful characters for director Black to work with. Virginia starts out slow, but the characters do grab you and hold your attention.

I love that scene in the end with traveling Mormon Elder Lucas Grabeel caught in the middle of some madness and Connelly getting him to surrender that enchanted Mormon underwear for her son. We need all the help we can in this life and I guess it can't hurt.

If you like quirky movies don't miss Virginia.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

quirky unfunny

Slightly disturbed Virginia (Jennifer Connelly) lives with her protective son Emmett in a Virginian town. She's in a long-term affair with Sheriff Richard Tipton (Ed Harris) who is married to Roseanna (Amy Madigan) and has daughter Jessie (Emma Roberts). Emmett is in love with Jessie. Richard uses his powers to keep them apart. Virginia tells Richard that she's pregnant. He's running for the State Senate and pays her out of the campaign funds. She's actually faking it. There is also a cross dressing Max (Toby Jones) with his pink ferris wheel. It all ends with a bank robbery.

This is filled with quirky characters that aren't funny. The story meanders a lot. There are a few surprises which don't do much. It's either a comedy that fails to be funny or a drama with too much chaotic quirkiness. Connelly projects a beautiful damaged soul which could be great for a sad drama. I'm just not sure what this movie is trying to be.

Reviewed by jakebabee10 / 10

Jennifer Connelly is AMAZING

After 2 years of waiting, I finally had the chance to see "Virginia" last night, and I'm glad I did!

The film starts of one year before the opening scene where Virginia (Jennifer Connelly) is being carried out of her house by the local sheriff Dick (Ed Harris). Go one year earlier we have Virginia, A mentally ill but loving mother. She's been having a 2 decade long affair with local sheriff/Mormon Dick and has a 16 year old son in which she hopes is his but is doubtful. Virginia's son Emit has no clue who his father is but knows it is not the sheriff's in which his daughter he is dating!

There is not one, but four main characters in this movie which sometimes makes it a little hard to follow. We watch Virginia go on a downward spiral into schizophrenia. Dick covering his little secret about his addiction to S&M. Last but not least Emit and Jessie love for one another which is portrait beautifully in this film.

I'm surprised this film had so much trouble getting a distributor, Yes its not perfect but we have movies like VAMPIRE SUCKS and THE Dilemma (sorry Connelly) hitting screens all over the world yet this little gem got shelved.

OVERALL I really liked this film. Jennifer Connelly was amazing and really showed her off her acting abilities. The young cast were great in there roles as well. 7/10

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