2016 [RUSSIAN]

Action / Drama / History / War

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Danila Kozlovsky as Knyaz Vladimir
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John DeSantis as Berserk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sonekken9 / 10

I understand the low rating honestly

But for me it's still a nine! Great scenes, visually stunning movie. The critics here are right to say Vladimir is portrayed like an absolute moron, the movie is hard to follow at times, and many things are just happening and you're wondering "did I just miss something" But still, the movie made me feel good and that's all that matters. 9 stars

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Russian style

If you've seen the TV show Vikings, I do understand if you feel underwhelmed after watching this. But try not to compare - although tastes are different and I imagine even those not familiar with the TV show may not like what they see here. Be it the violence in combar or in sexual situations. The former are by far more of course.

Still this is well played out, even if I was confused at times to say the least. Like when Romans come into play, but you hear them speak Greek? I might have missed something and I don't mind at all to be honest, especially since I speak it and the characters were also quite fluent (which wasn't always the case in the Vikings show, no offense). Having said all that, this may be a bit long overall, but it still is tension filled and it still can be entertaining

Reviewed by niutta-enrico8 / 10

Viking: Why didn't they Call it 'Vladimir the Great'?

A beautiful movie about Vladimir I of Kiev and a fine chance to get more familiar with Eastern Europe's Medieval History.

Shot with artistic talent and historical accuracy, the movie shows the clash between Scandinavian, Rus, Greek-Roman and Turkic populations at the dawn of the second Millennium.

And Russian historians are among the finest on this period (those who have an interest in Byzantine History know very well who Georg Alexandrovič Ostrogorsky was) so I would not agree with those who complained on this matter.

Calling the movie 'Viking' shows a sophisticated knowledge of Saint Vladimir's life. But it might be deceiving for greater audiences.

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