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John Rhys-Davies as Andre Cassell
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Lesley Ann Warren as Norma Cassady
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Julie Andrews as Victoria Grant
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James Garner as King Marchand
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Doylenf7 / 10

Highly enjoyable transgender comedy with Andrews and Preston at their best...

Paris in the '30s is the setting for this screwball sex comedy wherein JULIE ANDREWS, for the sake of being employed, takes a job as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman--figure that one out. Then we have a great moment when ROBERT PRESTON does an imitation of Julie singing "The Shady Dame from Seville" in drag--yes drag--the actor who played such sturdy romantic leads in the '40s and '50s is hilarious as a gay blade who hooks up with Julie during a restaurant scene in which she plants a cockroach in her plate to avoid paying for dinner.

That's the kind of romp this is. And it's extremely witty, with JAMES GARNER as Julie's romantic interest who hasn't figured out why he's so attracted to "the shady dame" when she's supposed to be a man.

First-rate sets and cinematography in color, and while none of it really makes any sense, the song and dance routines are fabulous with some great tunes by Henry Mancini. LESLEY ANN WARREN gives a priceless performance as a bird brained vamp in her Oscar nominated supporting role.

Reviewed by MartinHafer6 / 10


Julie Andrews plays an out of work starving artist. However, when she meets a gay man (Robert Preston),he convinces her to fake being a cross-dresser and then she'll hit it big. This turns out to be true but also creates serious problems in regard to her love life.

I read through the many very positive reviews for "Victor Victoria" and felt a bit lost. In some ways I wondered exactly what they saw in this film. I mean that "Victor Victoria" was kind of cute and enjoyable--but not much more. Perhaps the earlier versions would might have been a bit better.

Although the film is set in France in the 1930s, you might no know that by listening to everyone. James Garner, Julie Andrews and Robert Preston are the leads....and are not exactly French. No one sounded or looked French. I wonder what French folks think when they see films like this... Also, while I know that the film is about a cross-dressing cabaret singer, I STILL felt that there were too many musical numbers. They tended to slow the film down and deflected the comedy. However, overall it's still an enjoyable little comedy that is a bit better than a time-passer.

I know I am the odd reviewer here, but I just didn't see this as a really funny film nor did it seem all that special--especially with it coming out the same time as a better cross-dressing film, "Tootsie".

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

An absolute hoot!

I can't believe how much I loved Victor/Victoria. It is charming, witty and a lot of fun, and you can tell everybody involved with it had a ball. To be honest, I wasn't sure whether I would like this movie. I thought it would be a vehicle for Julie Andrews like Star! was and little more, and the story at first I wasn't sure about and I can't quite put my finger on why.

I am so glad though that I saw it, because it was an absolute hoot and infinitely better than expected. This is so much more than a Julie Andrews vehicle, while it is not her best film it is one of her more enjoyable ones. As for Andrews she is wonderful. Here she does play an atypical role on the surface, looking at Mary Poppins and Sound of Music you would never guess Andrews would play a bloke. But she does play the role with wit and charm, and to be doubly sure she was comfortable she is even given some fun songs to show off her very angelic voice, she is especially impressive in the show-stopper that is Le Jazz Hot with very clever execution of the fiendishly difficult two-octave slide.

That's not all. Andrews is supported by an equally impressive cast. James Garner is dashing and immensely likable as the heterosexual troubled by his attraction to Andrews' character. Robert Preston is also outrageously camp but in a good way- Shady Dame from Seville is hilarious-, while Lesley Ann Warren(very funny and very sexy),John Rhys Davies and especially Alex Karras give stellar supporting turns as well.

The songs are just great, especially the moving Crazy World. The melodies are memorable and fun and the lyrics are deliciously witty, and I have to say the cast did great justice to those songs not just in the performances but in making them their own too. Just as good is the choreography, which manages to be sprightly and energetic. Blake Edwards also deserves a lot of credit for two things, one is his funny and witty script, the other is his affectionate and tender direction while never being too showy.

The production values are top drawer, the sets and scenery are very elegant and pleasing on the eyes, the lighting is never dull and the costumes especially the drag costumes are colourful arrays. The story and romance is interesting with very rare a false or dull note even with the lengthy length.

All in all, a delightful movie and a must see for fans of Julie Andrews, Blake Edwards, musicals or James Garner. 10/10 Bethany Cox

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