Vaniglia e cioccolato

2004 [ITALIAN]

Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by ejderkelebek10 / 10

A master piece you have chance to miss !!!

Just a few people wrote on this magnificent film. As a well educated philosopher I can only say about this film. I already said I guess. Magnficant. You want to hear from Baudlierre or From Aragon just in the case of a scene. You want cinematography. Different but soft underlying glorious lyric film. About love & life. This is it. This is the glorious film which manifests the beauty of cinema. And the grabbing of the cinema the hands of life. The setting is great. The story is great. The Music is fabulous. Characters are enormous, perfectly acted. That is a film I wanted to last for 9 hours. This film also gives you that feeling as well. A perfect master piece. Why did so few people commented on that. Find it watch it.

Reviewed by stevelivesey676 / 10

Beautiful looking but somewhat over-egged

Fantastic slice of melodrama from La Cuccinotta. It's beautifully lit and shot and somehow the story held my interest.

However, it's way too cheesy for my liking. There are way too mamy subplots and don't even get me started on the ending.

Firstly, the relationship with the painter, I didn't get it. She's married with 3 kids. Duh. And the standing in the rain scene. Come on?!

The daughter who had an eating disorder, what was all that about? And then who got stressed out because he thought his parents were getting a divorce?! What?

The moral of the story is that both parties can be unfaithful, get pregnant, not know who the father is and everything will work out fine in the end.?! I have a large of cheese to go with my other slice of cheese!

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