2017 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Thriller

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Jong-Suk Lee Photo
Jong-Suk Lee as Kim Gwang-Il
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Woo-jin Jo as Public Prosecutor
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Hee-soon Park as Ri Dae Bum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ramisaakter5 / 10

Too much violence and illogical plot, an overrated movie

The movie follows two cops one from North Korea and another from South Korea trying to put him in jail for the crimes he has been doing for long (Serial killing). Literally no one couldn't put him into jail for his deeds though they have the evidence against him. He even killed his maid after returning from police custody. Even the American police came to fitch him.

Then why anyone couldn't charge him with anything?

Why the chief is protecting him?

Why North Korean police released him?

Why south korean police couldn't hold him?

Why the American police trying to protect him?

All beacuse his father was politican so he had some sensitive information regarding South and North Korea and about America. So,all are just trying to a serial killer.

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius10 / 10


V.I.P." is an impressive action crime thriller, which includes all elements that made the genre a huge success internationally.

Reviewed by erikacunanan297 / 10

Great acting. Gruesome movie.

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  • The story was really interesting but there were parts that seemed too slow (scenes without action). By the second half of the movie, there were twist and turns happened made things a lot better.
  • You would get really mad at most of the scenes but the ending was very good.
  • There are so many morbid/brutal scenes. I almost stopped watching in the beginning because of it.
  • Action scenes were really good and intense.
  • I was shocked to see Peter Stormare (Lucifer from Constantine movie) here.
  • I was really amazed at Lee Jong Suk here because he was so scary at some of the scenes. This is the first time I saw him as a villain and he did a great job especially since his previous characters were good guys.
  • Jang Dong Gun and Kim Myung-min were amazing in their respective roles.

SHOULD YOU WATCH IT: Your choice. Take note that there are many morbid scenes.

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