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Ashley Scott Photo
Ashley Scott as Christine March
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George Newbern as Jason March
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Max Charles as Oliver March
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Ivan Sergei as Nick Reese
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel8 / 10

A superior Lifetime thriller

There is more than first meets the eye in this Lifetime thriller. There are some well written unexpected twists and turns but it's kept quite believable and not too far fetched. It's exciting and keeps you entertained till the end. It's a bit more complicated than the average lifetime movie.

Ashley Scott plays a realtor who is going through a divorce from her unfaithful husband and in order to meet the mortgage takes on a tenant (Ivan Sergei) who is nice to her young son for her guest house. But things aren't that simple.

Ashley Scott looks a bit like Cameron Diaz and she is quite watchable. Ivan Sergei has aged and his face looks a bit puffy. Liked the ranch style house it's set in.

Worth a watch.

Reviewed by johannes2000-16 / 10

Reasonably entertaining

This is the kind of thriller that is reasonably entertaining and afterwards immediately forgotten. The premise may not be very original (a combination of a jealous ex-husband and a psychopathic killer-disguised-as-a-heartthrob) but interesting enough, the story has some nice twists, and the acting of the main characters is fine, especially by beautiful Ashley Scott. There's however something lackluster about it, it's all a bit too polished and in spite of the thriller-aspects it lacks urgency.

What doesn't help are some improbabilities. Like what prudent single living mother would invite a total stranger to live on her premise on account of a 5 minutes talk! Or the all-too-obvious camera placed in a book exactly in front of her bed. Or the somewhat clumsy way the final show-down went about.

I would say: a Hallmark version of a not too bad but unremarkable thriller.

Reviewed by kapelusznik185 / 10

The creepy caretaker

***SPOILERS*** Leggy Christine "Chris" March, Ashley Scott, wants to get back as a real-tor and support both herself and 9 year old son Oliver, Max Charles, with her husband Jason, George Newbern, about to be cut loose by her in divorce proceeding after she caught him with his pants down in bed with another woman. Getting handsome former soccer player Nick Reese,Ivan Sergel, to stay in her guest house and keep Oliver company seemed a good idea at first but with somebody stalking her it made it even more important to have a man in the house to protect her and her son.

Things get so out of hand that Chris goes to the local police for help from this faceless stalker who at one point tried to run Nick over and succeeded in putting Chris' friend and co-worker Eric, Jay Pickett,in the hospital in a hit and run outside his place of business.***SPOILER*** As the truth soon comes out Nick-the caretaker-is nothing what he seems to be. He's an ex-con who's in fact working with Chris' shyster husband Jason to get her to stop divorce proceeding against him. Nick not being the schmuck that Jason plays him for soon turns the tables on him by, his favorite way of doing someone, in running him down when he refuses to play along with him, in wanting the lion's share of Chris' money, and dumping him-After he murdered Jason- and his car down a cliff to look like an accident.

***SPOILERS*** It's later that Chris realizes what a dangerous and unstable person that Nick is who also kills his good friend and employer car mechanic Carl, Scott Anthony Leet, for trying to talk some sense into his thick skull. Now with the jig being up and Nick being exposed as a dangerous and murderous nut case he kidnaps Oliver and holds him hostage until his mom-Chris- empties out her bank account and give him the cash he needs to escape justice. Even here Nick royally screws himself up with Chris getting the jump and gun on him and all his crying and whimpering in making himself look like a total jerk, to get sympathy in showing what a helpless & harmless fool he is , doesn't help him one bit.

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