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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mehki_Girl8 / 10

Spoilers. Very well done

They packed a lot into this short. As someone else pointed out, it was a obviously written by men.

Warning spoilers below:

I'm not going to fault the story for that, because I am for not jumping to conclusions. Much as I hate child molestation, I am also very convinced that some men have been falsely accused, not necessarily by children but a lot of times by vindictive, women, especially in child custody cases.

So I do like the fact that she was somewhat measured in her response, but very concerned about her child and, perhaps, part of her concern was finding out something she didn't want to know. It wasn't completely clear that she was concerned about possibly making a false accusation and totally ruining this man's life.

You hope she goes back and tells her friend that this was not true and the friend keeps her mouth shut.

The relationship is broken now because, well, the dad had some great points. She's brought an unknown man into her home with two young children and their young daughter who's going to be growing up within the home.

Whether or not their relationship could be salvaged, he definitely should move out. She'll never look at him and he'll never look at the daughter the same ever again.

I do believe he should not hold her question against her, because he should understand how a parent would feel getting that message and that she should not have not asked the question in deference to him, but in support of making sure her child was safe.

Reviewed by wonderland_zzzzzz7 / 10

Surprisingly good

I started this because the plot sounded Lifetime-y and I thought it would be a good hate-watch, like to drink and laugh at, probably like 4 out of 10 stars, but it actually ended up being decently well-written and even better acted. Indira is fantastic. So I'll have to find something else to hate-watch, I guess.

Reviewed by jkt20066 / 10

Well made and performed!

This 47 mins movie feels like a properly made feature film. It has its tense moments and a suspenseful atmosphere which continues until the climax. It ends up being a mystery suspense movie actually but is so well made and acted that it doesn't let you move an inch. Indira Verma does a great job yet again as the mother. Totally worth the time. Don't miss it!

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