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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-19 / 10

A Brutal-Yet-Touching Film

For a martial arts picture, "Unleashed" was above average because it had some heart and soul to it.....not just people beating the crap out of one another for two straight hours.

However, be wary of those who claim this isn't an action film. That's not true: there is a lot of action, quite a bit of brutality and profanity, mostly by Bob Hoskins' character "Bart" in this movie. Hoskins plays profane, nasty slave-owner who has locked up and trained "Danny" (Jet Li) to be the ultimate fighting machine. Once Danny is "unleashed" (literally) he's a killer and helps the gangster Bart in his criminal work.

Then, in a moment of further greed, Hoskins agrees to enter his man in a death match with a lot of money at stake. That match turns out to be a farce with Danny winning in a matter of seconds. The other promoter wants a rematch, and with more entertainment. In the meantime, however, Danny escapes his captors and winds up at the house of an older blind American, "Sam," played by Morgan Freeman. He and his 18-year-old daughter "Natalie" (Kelly Condon) befriend young Danny, slowly bringing him out of his "animal" state. Everyone discovers Danny has some very human characteristics and is basically a nice, gentle guy. The family helps uncover that through music (piano playing, to be exact). These are all touching scenes.

But then - and this is almost a cliché in these kind of films - the bad guy comes back, snatches him away and his former bad life comes back....except Danny is a changed man. How he can get out of this latest predicament and what happens to this new "adopted" family, takes up the rest of the story. That last part has the same thing: ultra-violent and touching scenes.

Jet Li does an excellent job in here, not only displaying his amazing physical talents but also showing us he has warmth in his face and heart.

Overall: a brutal, yet touching film: an odd combination.

Reviewed by Prismark106 / 10

Attack Dog

Unleashed is a hokey but fun action film with a script that is rather barking mad just as is its depiction of Glasgow with cockney gangsters, blind American musicians and a Chinese guy treated like a dog.

Jet Li is Danny who really is raised like an attack dog, with a collar and sleeps in a cage. His master is a sadistic gangster played by Bob Hoskins who sets him loose on people who he wants dispatching.

Chance leads him to the kindness of strangers as Danny encounters Sam (Morgan Freeman) a blind pianist and his ward Victoria. For the first time he encounters beauty, music and something like a family.

However he has to choose when Hoskins turns up whether he wants to go back to his old ways and death fights or whether to go for a better life and he also gets a chance of avenging his mother's death.

The film might sound daft but it has a starry cast with Hoskins hamming it up as the gangster, an unusual setting of Glasgow with not many Scots and Li showing of his mean martial arts skills.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca7 / 10

One of Li's best films of the 2000s

Jet Li's latest martial arts epic is quite an unusual film, with an unwieldy premise that feels like three entirely different kinds of films all mixed together rather randomly. First of all there are the gladiator-style fighting set-pieces, in which Li typically battles opponents, sometimes in a ring; these extraordinarily violent moments offer all the action a kung fu fan could wish for. Secondly, there's a gangsterish sub-plot, in which 21st century Glasgow becomes a seedy London of the '70s, as Bob Hoskins and his cronies go around torturing and crippling various adversaries. Finally, there's the human drama, in which Li becomes part of a family consisting of a blind Morgan Freeman and his niece. The elements are disparate, but the final effect is an interesting movie.

New director Louis Leterrier, who has proved his worth with this and TRANSPORTER 2, delivers the action with aplomb and Yuen Woo Ping's choreography also helps loads; these fights are fast, furious and exceptionally hard-hitting, with lots of broken bones and really crucial battles. The arena fight with a pacifist Danny and the battle with the bald assassin are particularly worthy moments, some of the best I've seen, and I can't wait to watch them again.

The human side of the story is also well handled, rather better than it should be, and Freeman turns the minor role of the piano tuner into something special and moving, yet human at the same time. Condon is sweet as the girl who brings out Li's humanity, and the pair share some touching moments. Not so with Bob Hoskins, who chews the scenery as the spectacularly unpleasant mob boss; Hoskins is on top form whether he's raging in anger or telling one of his anecdotes. I guess I'm not the only one wondering what Hoskins and Freeman are doing in an action B-movie.

Li himself is good, although I found him more sympathetic in KISS OF THE DRAGON; he's said he's giving up kung fu and becoming a 'serious' actor, but I'm not totally convinced that he's good enough to do that. Martial arts-wise, though, Li is spectacular, a real force of nature who tears up the screen time after time, bringing new levels of entertainment to the viewer. A couple of excellent car crashes add to the action quotient and the result is a watchable film that should satisfy most fans who can handle the violence.

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