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Reviewed by bluestminou10 / 10

Look in the Mirror

An honest look at humanity throughout history. SPOILER ALERT: it ain't pretty. This movie makes us ask ourselves, is this the world we want?

Reviewed by markstylesnyc3 / 10

It may have an important message but...

OK... First they spend 5 minutes watching two cows get slaughtered. You can see the 2nd cow is aware, and frightened. While the message is important, I got stuck on the boring stagnent new-age music. Worse is the decision to have a different speaker every 15 seconds..

You get caught up in trying to recognize some of the well known people. Distracting. Then they decide to put a number of questions in a row. The message is VERY important, but there techniques to present the material, forced me to quit after 13 minutes.

They flashed on Hitler/Jews and Slavery. I imagine they went back to the subject later. In short Being 70 something and fed-up with the way humans are behaving. (I"m taking about presidents, government, corruption, greed.) we don't deserve to live here

Maybe there was inspiration later, that made it worth watching. but this just left me with a bad attitude.

Reviewed by ludwigstang3 / 10

A painful version two of earthlings with a lot of disgusting clips

First I have to say that I am an optimistic and idealistic person who is normally not squeamish. And with that attitude in mind I was looking forward to the release of "Unity" for the last 2 years.

Sadly I am more than disappointed having watched the 1 hour 36 minute long movie. Repetition over and over, the editing is okay, the music alright, the sound mixing is bad (but maybe that is down to my hifi system),one can sometimes not understand the narrators, but the message is an complete idealistic nonsense.

*SPOILER* I mean, of course uncontrolled ego is bad, war is bad and to harm other beings is bad and to eat meat and fat is bad, too. But does one have to see a bowel surgery for more than 30 seconds to understand that? Do you have to watch war scenes without end to understand that? It is a shame that a movie with such a potential was literally lost in space. Besides that there are all over repetitions which really get on ones nerves. Many questions are asked but only little answers are given. What is love? .... What is the meaning of life? What is ego? and so on...

And I know, that are big questions, but what is the point of asking these questions without really giving an answer or at least to speculate in a more philosophical than an esoteric way.

For example: What is love? My guess is: Love = Care Very simple and in a nutshell what the filmmaker probably once to say. But it drags on for more than 10 min to get to that point. Couples of different ages are shown who are kissing each other. Sometimes a couple of gay men is shown and and clips of animals cosing each other. But is that the only way to show love?

I really was very curious about that movie, but it was really not good.

What also disturbed me was the repetition of earthlings, yes, that movie in which you look for 90min, how animals are butchered or tortured. Most people who watch that movie are vegetarians or even vegans and do not really like to see that, or am I wrong?... Well, it turn me at least in a conscious very rarely eating meat person. But way do you have to watch that in "Unity" all over again?

Resume: After having watched the movie, I now have to abandon my ego (delete this review),love everything (kiss everyone and anything) and get my consciousness sorted out (before I die and no one told me how to do it). Hmmm...

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