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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by callawayfairtax10 / 10

UnFair: IRS documentary about the abusive powers of the IRS

The movie did an excellent job of exposing how the IRS operates above the law and is able to do so with impunity. Good history lesson in the Marxist origin of the income tax. Americans who are not concerned about a government able and willing to target and silence an individual or group are allowing tyranny to grow unchallenged. The tax code cannot be fixed. It is doing what it is designed to do: take the wealth of a private citizen without consent but via legal means. If the tax code actually helped grow the economy and freedom of this country, that would be one thing. But, the income tax is forcing our capital and corporations offshore and then attempts to penalize those who wish to protect their investment by calling them traitors and by attempting to pass laws to control movement of corporations out of this country. Politicians and K Street lobbyist have no desire to ever end the income tax. It is their Golden Goose. Most Americans are silenced out of fear of the IRS. This movie clearly demonstrates that anyone can become a target of the IRS.

Reviewed by robfred200910 / 10

Very important movie.

I went to see this movie at the Cinemark in Towson, Maryland. It is a very important movie to see. The abuses and targeting by the US government has been going on for decades now. The targeting and suppression of certain kinds of free speech is very dangerous. I recommend this movie to anyone who cares about their freedoms. They are under attack at a rapid pace now. I would like to encourage anyone who did not see this movie in theatres to purchase a DVD and watch it at home with friends and family. Share it with friends and family as well.

There is a solution to this abuse of power. It is the FairTax legislation. I'd like to encourage others to learn more about it. We need to know what our government is doing. They cannot get away with these kinds of abuses.

It has come this far after years of grassroot citizen support. People want real solutions to problems created by the government. So far, government is just playing games with people who want to live better lives.

Reviewed by slcgeneral9 / 10

You Need to See This!!

Great movie. Real people telling their story of IRS abuse and intimidation. Nothing fancy, no special effects, and no hero saving the day at the end, unless We, the People, are willing to step up and put an end to the types of travesties portrayed in the movie.

The pain and anguish visited on everyday Americans, and the arrogance of the IRS bureaucrats should be enough to terrify every American, whether you believe in "big government" or not. This kind of evil can be used against anyone.

The ending takes your breath away!!

Of one thing we may be certain. If the bureaucracy in Washington isn't stopped, it is only going to get worse, and we have the lessons of history showing us just how bad "worse" can be!!

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