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Michael Sheen Photo
Michael Sheen as Lucian
Kate Beckinsale Photo
Kate Beckinsale as Selene
Bill Nighy Photo
Bill Nighy as Viktor
Scott Speedman Photo
Scott Speedman as Michael Corvin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fuad_tarin_5810 / 10


One of the best movies ive ever watched. Let me just say before i watched this i wasnt even fan of vampire/ww movies. But this just took me by suprize with amazing storyline and characterstoryline.

If u havent watched the underwold movies i recommend them very strongly.

Reviewed by EmperorNortonII7 / 10

New Blood For Vampire Legends

"Underworld" is no ordinary horror movie. It tells the tale of a secret war between vampires and werewolves (or as they're called here, lycans). Kate Beckinsale stars as Selene, a lethal assassin on the vampire side. Scott Speedman plays Michael Corvin, a man who finds himself wrapped up in this brutal war. This movie is rather well done, despite all the blood and graphic violence. The look of the movie is dark, Gothic and brooding, which fits very well with the story. The script is interesting, using science to bring the vampire and werewolf legends into the modern age (such as saying the lycans are allergic to silver). The story of the bitter rivalry between to two mythic characters would make a fascinating prequel, and the sequel should follow "Underworld" with real impact as well.

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Fantastic film about facing between vampires and werewolves

The movie deals with vampires and werewolves , each other taking on , vampires led by Kate Beckinsale and wolves ruled by Michael Sheen . There is a third starring Scott Speedman, a human whose blood has a terrible secret .

Both groups ,vampires and wolves will confront to obtain their purposes , the fighting will be to death.

The film blends horror ,suspense, struggles , rip-roaring action, thrills, and a little bit of gore and guts.

Set design is of first class , settings are stylized , Gothic buildings, shading slums , all of them originate a spooky and ghoulish atmosphere.

Specials effects are breathtaking , part is made by means of computer generator and part by make-up.

Cinematography is glimmer likeness to stirring soundtrack however has too much rock music and little symphonic music.

Kate Beckinsale is wonderful , she is a true action warrior women, Scott Speedman is nice but is shaded for her.

The flick will appeal to emotion buffs and spooky action lovers.

Rating: 7/10 , good . Well worth seeing.

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