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Reviewed by mark.waltz5 / 10

I bet this was glorious on the big screen!

Here's a rare chance to see Jane Russell give a truly ridiculous performance as a sultry Latina with an unconvincing Spanish accent. She is married to deep sea diver Richard Egan, who along with older Latin lothario Gilbert Roland, wants to go down to the depths to collect the gold from a sunken ship in the Caribbean. Russell fills her performance with fury, but she's not at all believable in her part (where was Abbe Lane?) so her presence becomes a distraction from the often dully plotted adventure yarn. The film opens on a fantastic note with the credits (set underwater) rolling over a very classical sounding version of "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White" which Cuban bandleader Perez Prado made very popular in a mambo recording that has stood the test of time. The Prado version appears several times in the film, once with Prado and his band playing it in a cafe sequence, and another rather sultry sequence where Egan chases a playful Russell on the beach of the island that they, along with Roland and his younger girlfriend, Lori Nelson, have a picnic on.

There's the typical danger with both the risks of diving in these rocky waters (and going into the hull of a much damaged ship that could collapse in on the divers at any minute) and crew members who may have nefarious plans of their own. The film is narrated by the third billed Egan who is really the lead, and at one point, I had a chuckle over his line, "Capital is the least of my worries", considering that his last acting job was as the wealthy patriarch Sam Clegg on the daytime soap opera "Capitol". Technically, this film is extremely well done, with the photography breathtaking and almost 3-D in nature, but script wise, it often becomes boring when the actors (or stuntmen) are not diving down to the depths to retrieve the gold and other treasures they find. I've been searching for this film for years ever since first seeing it when it came out on VHS in the early 1990's, and while the second trip underwater was a slight disappointment, I did find many things in it to enjoy. If only director John Sturges had gotten Russell some lessons in a proper Spanish accent where she didn't sound like a female version of Speedy Gonzalez!

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho6 / 10

Great Underwater Adventure of Treasure Hunters

The scuba diver partners Dominic Quesada (Gilbert Roland) and Johnny Gray (Richard Egan) are treasure hunters that are seeking for sunken treasures in the Caribean waters. When they find evidences of the Seventeenth Century galleon Santo Bello in the bottom of the sea, they raise money and an adequate boat and they sail to the spot with Johnny's wife Theresa Gray (Jane Russell),the boat's owner Gloria (Lori Nelson) and Father Cannon (Robert Keith),who is an archaeologist, to recover the treasure.

They find the galleon located in a dangerous location on the edge of a cliff and they use a winch to try to hold it in position. Meanwhile they feel threatened by greedy shark hunters but they leave them in an island. When Theresa is trapped in the debris of the sunken vessel, Johnny and Dominic have difficulties to rescue her. But when they return to they vessel, they have a surprise.

"Underwater!" is a naive popcorn movie with a great adventure of treasure hunters. The attractions of this film are basically the underwater filming and Jane Russell, but it is entertaining in a rainy afternoon on DVD. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Alforje do Diabo" ("The Devil's Saddlebag")

Reviewed by Prismark103 / 10


Underwater is a soggy adventure story with personable characters, little tension or plot and some nice underwater photography in colour even though some of the underwater scenes go on for too long. At the time such scenes would had been a gimmick.

Johnny Gray (Richard Egan) and his Cuban business partner Dominic Quesada (Gilbert Roland) think they have made a discovery of a valuable wreck although Dominic might had sugared the pill a little. They pretend to be scientists collecting rocks to a nosy shark hunter to put him off the scent.

They get some funds, equipment and a boat together and return this time with Johnny's wife Theresa (Jane Russell) Gloria (Lori Nelson) and a knowledgeable priest Father Cannon (Robert Keith) who thinks that the boat they discovered escorted a bigger ship carrying a valuable religious artefact which sank.

As they look for the treasure Johnny and Dominic know that they need to keep one step ahead of the nosy shark hunter and his crew who are always nearby in shark infested waters.

The film really is by the numbers, in fact it is padded with the underwater scenes and Jane Russell in various bathing suits. The soundtrack features music to the song 'Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White.'

Egan is wooden, Roland is charismatic. Russell and Nelson are easy on the eye.

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