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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wingthwong1 / 10

A selfish desire trying to be a documentary of help.

From the very beginning you want this to be something more. It is about 4 privileged college kids taking time off to get 16 horses from Mexico to Canada. There is a far more serious problems that they should be addressing about wild horses being destroyed by greedy ranchers and overpopulation of humanity. But no, they embark on a bucket list dream to ride a few wild horses 3000 miles with provisions left along the course be the same ranchers that are slaughtering the horses. It's like people being entertained by circus animals and rodeos where the animals are treated horribly. No wild horse wants to be rode, and only subjugated horses want to be rode, somewhat like a Stockholm Syndrome. This documentary is like MTV meets CMT. No real thought went into it. It lies about its manifesto of saving wild horses. Thousands upon thousands of horses are in danger, yet you get 4 rich kids to ride horses to take 16 horses to be broken and ridden for entertainment. Aren't we advanved enough to know better? Too bad Netflix can't remove its head from sphincter to make intelligent content. They're saying hey America, we are going to shove every foreign language, obscene, liberal, mockumentary, low budget fecal fest at you and not give you any content worth watching and make you pay for it. This is low. This situation has been going on for decades with wild horses and many things have been done with more people involved to correct the situation, and still the govt. allows the destruction of these horses. These 4 clowns are doing nothing but getting their name up in lights. Nothing is going to change with this documentary. It will just give liberals an awe shucks we better do something moment until the next I phone comes out 5 seconds later.

Reviewed by larrys35 / 10

Doc Made Me Uneasy

Actually, as one reviewer on this site has already noted, I developed an uneasy feeling as this documentary progressed, as I felt in some ways it was actually negating the cause it was espousing. As I understood it, the stated purpose of this film was mainly to illustrate how wild horses, called mustangs, could be trained and perform various functions even better than domesticated ones.

Four young men, all recent graduates of Texas A.& M. University, are about to embark on a 3,000 mile trek, across 5 states, from the Arizona- Mexican border to the Montana-Canadian border. They will be utilizing 13 mustangs that they've adopted from the Bureau of Land Management Adoption Center, and that have been trained over the past 4 months to be able to make this journey.

Along the way however, we'll witness injuries to 2 of the horses, one death, several spookings of the mustangs (with one involving a 40 mile chase) to recover them, an extremely treacherous ride along the rim of the Grand Canyon (which might be better suited to Bighorn sheep),and travel through land filled with cacti, whose thorns became embedded in the horses' coats for days. Call me crazy, but how does this help the cause to adopt mustangs?

There are presentations from the BLM, from ranchers, and activists about what can be done about controlling the mustang population on public land. However, with our do-nothing and politically correct Congress, there doesn't appear to be any compromise in sight on this issue.

All in all, at least the cinematography was spectacular, and I admired the youthful grit and daring of these four young men, but this was more of a road trip movie, in my opinion, than a convincing film for its stated cause.

Reviewed by curtispeace1 / 10

appalling disregard for horses by young dumbarses

There's no reason to endanger these horses just to see if these young whippersnappers can go from point a to point b no matter how challenging, obviously they don't know what they're doing, if they loved horses they wouldn't treat them how they do, they represent devolution and ignorant arrogance masquerading as cowboys, I wish I could say how I really feel and what I'd really like to do to them!

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