Two Came Back


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

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Melissa Joan Hart as Susan Clarkson
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Susan Sullivan as Patricia Clarkson
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Susan Walters as Allie
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Reviewed by comquest6 / 10


'Lost at sea' epics are among my favorite film genres -- especially if, like 'Dead Calm', the story has plenty of action, twists and turns.

'Two Came Back' has some exciting moments, but overall it's just too predictable. The problems begin with the title, which discloses the number of survivors before the movie even begins. Within the first 30 minutes, it's pretty obvious which two characters will make it through.

If you're a teenager who's a huge fan of Melissa Joan Hart, you'll love this film. If not, you're likely to find it way too predictable and boring.

Reviewed by mbg4115 / 10

title is a dead giveaway

I saw this movie today on Lifetime. This has to be one of the most predictable movies I have ever seen. If you watch this movie, place bets on who can explain the ENTIRE plot in the first few minutes of the whole movie. It's one thing if a TV movie like this at least has a decent title. Instead, this movie fails to present interesting drama. From the beginning, we all knew which two people would come back. And I've seen so many people say "You won't believe who those two people are who come back!" Right. At least Melissa Joan Hart does a great job. She is not a good actress but she's so good in her TV movies. The other actors are fairly decent. People could watch this movie partly for the overall good acting. More people will watch it to see if it presents an interesting storyline. Unfortunately, that movie doesn't really do that because it's so predictable. The movie isn't as bad as the title though.

Reviewed by disdressed122 / 10

the title says it all

i had high hopes for two came back.obviously the ending is predictable,given the title.basically,a group of friends agree to sail a yacht for someone from san diego to vancouver.along the way,they get caught in a massive storm and all but two of them perish.the main focus of the story centres not so much on the storm,but its aftermath.the crew is left adrift in the middle of the ocean and struggle to survive,as they hope to be rescued.of course as days pass,each of them deals with their plight differently and eventually,when they are rescued there are only two remaining alive.that is the gist of the story.i thought it would be a better movie than it was,but it was mostly a bore.most of the actors weren't convincing.then again,they didn't have a lot to work with dialogue wise,so they can't be faulted entirely.the scenes of the storm were pretty exciting,but fairly brief.pre teens will probably enjoy this movie, but if you are in your mid teens and older,don't expect to be too entertained. 3*

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