Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


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Amy Jo Johnson Photo
Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly Hart
Austin St. John Photo
Austin St. John as Jason Lee Scott
Jason David Frank Photo
Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver / Red Turbo Ranger
Johnny Yong Bosch Photo
Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park / Green Turbo Ranger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FeastMode2 / 10

Greatest. Movie. Ever.

I grew up on this show and still have nostalgia for it. But the amount of unintended laughter this movie gave me rivals The Room and Batman & Robin. It is atrocious to levels never before imagined.

I kid you not, I burst out in full volume laughter maybe 15 times in the first 6 minutes. I replayed scenes numerous times and couldn't stop laughing. I was in complete disbelief at what I was watching. Everything is outrageously dumb. Everything. Every 5 seconds. It's unfathomable.

All of the changes from the first movie are so much worse. Which is crazy since the first movie is also hilariously bad. To name a few changes... Zordon looking and sounding completely new and horrendous. The theme songs are terrible compared to the amazing original Go Go Power Rangers song. Tommy is the red ranger, while there is also another green ranger??? Are you out of your minds? And what they do with the blue ranger has to be one of the stupidest decisions imaginable.

Now there's one character we really need to talk about. I call her Queen Cleavage. Why do I call her that? Because they showed her leaning forward, or bending over, or shaking about in her lowcut outfit, 50-60 times. I'm not exaggerating. Don't forget about all the leg crossing in her short skirt.

As an adult man, I was heart-eyes emoji every time she was on the screen. But this movie is rated PG and is made for kids. That's so shameless lmao. If I was a parent I would have been pissed.

Overall, I get a tiny bit of enjoyment from nostalgia, and a ton of enjoyment from cracking up at the abysmal filmmaking on display here. But kids like anything. I can't remember but I'm guessing I loved it when it came out. (about 3 viewings, 2/28/2022)

Reviewed by jeremycrimsonfox7 / 10

Okay Film To Start A Season

While Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie would end up being non-canon due to disputes between 20th Century Fox and Saban, resulting in the show's third season introducing the Ninjazords and the replacement to Dulcea in the form of Ninjor (as well as Rito Revolto),Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie would be the prelude to Power Rangers Turbo, as scenes from this film was seen in the first episode (which would take place after the events of this film).

This film centers around the Power Rangers as they are caught in a plot by the space pirate Divatox to use the Golden Key held by the wizard Lerigot to enter the island of Muiranthias awaken a demon named Maligore so she can marry him and bring forth a reign of terror across the galaxy. When former rangers Jason and Kimberly get captured to serve as a sacrifice, and Lerigot taken in a prison exchange revealed to be a ruse, Tommy, Tanya, Adam, and Katherine take up their new turbo powers and zords to give chase, and are soon joined by Justin, a young boy who learns of their secret while visiting an injured Rocky.

The characters are good. Justin (played by Blake Foester) replaces Rocky as Steve Cardemas, the actor of the latter, left the show (some sources stated a pay dispute, while others claim he was focusing on his martial arts carreer to the point of opening a dojo),and the heads of the Fox network, whose Fox Kids block aired Power Rangers at the time, wanted a character younger than a teenager to be a Power Ranger. Also, the script had to go through a lot of rewrites due to many factors (one of them being David Yost leaving the show, as it was planned to have Billy create the Turbo Powers, as well as a scene where Divatox destroys the Zeo powers),as well as having some filmed scenes cut (like Katherine using a flamethrower-type weapon, which while cut from the film, was still on the back of the VHS cover, which probably confused some Power Rangers fans).

While the film is 100% original footage, the suits, zords, and some of the characters are taken from Gekisou Sentai Carranger, a season that is known for fans for being more light-hearted to the point where it was considered the franchise parodying itself. Here, Divatox is the big bad, the honor that was held by Carranger's , who here, is now Rygog, one of Divatox's henchmen. Larigot, who is a hobbit-like alien wizard, can be seen as Power Rangers' version of Dappu, only without the mentor role, which is still filled by Zordon. Also, Kimberly and Jason appear in the movie as hostages of Divatox, and even Rita Repulsa appears in a scene. And let's not forget Bulk and Skull, who are comic relief.

As for the movie, it is okay. It is an original story, but it does suffer from some setbacks (like Larigot being helped by monkeys in Africa, which I think is silly and could have given the idea to turn Bulk and Skull into monkeys for the first half of Power Rangers Turbo),but it does have some nice action scenes, and the megazord fight is a lot better looking than MMPR: The Movie, as this time, they had the common sense to use suit actors instead of horrid computer animation for the Turbo Megazord and Maligore. Plus, as it's a motion picture, it has a lot more of a budget than the actual show (which uses stock footage to minimize cost and only require the actors to voice act, which is still good),and some elements, both used and scrapped, would show up in later seasons (Maligore would be reused for Dark Specter in Power Rangers In Space, and a scrapped idea for a mermaid to aid the rangers would be used in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue). This movie is an okay watch for fans of the franchise, but don't expect anything spectacular or game-changing.

Reviewed by Terryfan5 / 10

Why Why Why ?

In 1996 I started to move away from Power Rangers when Zeo Started I just got away from the series.

And then much to my horror I lay eyes on this film. Yes I'm talking about Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.

There is hardly anything that is even worth good to say about this film the only highlight of it for me was Seeing Amy Jo Johnson returning as Kimberly and Austin St.John returning as Jason who was my favorite ranger as a kid.

That is pretty much the highlight of this film for me but let's review it.

The story is suppose to be set in the same universe as the series. This film is suppose to serve as the introduction to the Turbo Power Rangers.

Turbo is the main reason I got away from Power Rangers and looking back it was the best thing.

The story in this film is again just a introduction to how the Turbo Rangers become to gain their powers. But it just plain at best. It just a 90 story that is pretty much a bore.

Plus Divatox is such an awful villain one of the worst villains in TV history I mean I have seen way more better villains. Also I didn't care for this cast of Rangers.

There is nothing worth making this film watchable unless you want to Kimberly and Jason there is nothing.

If you want to watch a better Power Rangers film go watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie.

I give Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie an 3 out of 10

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