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Ariana Richards Photo
Ariana Richards as Mindy Sterngood
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Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee
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Finn Carter as Rhonda LeBeck
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Reba McEntire as Heather Gummer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Thrilling,suspenseful and spectacular monster movie with likable duo starring

Nevada desert ,around village named Perfection are happening mysterious deeds.There live a small misfit group(Michael Gross,McEntire,Tony Genaro,Charlotte Stewart,Victor Wong,among others).A pair handyman(Kevin Bacon ,Fred Ward)find a university graduate(Finn Carter) and appear spontaneously a fearsome wormlike burrow surrounding of them.The Perfection inhabitants are besieged by the giant killers predators with several tongues.Then they battle against the West's more creepy beasts that savagely stalking its prey ,the human bunch and developing a bloodthirsty hunger for men eating.The trio protagonist comes out through desolate plateu where are roaming while must to save them.

This is an enjoyable and amusing juvenile romp,campy fun,quite entertaining and slickly shot.Bemusing old-fashioned, fantasy-adventure from updating adaptation of 50s and 60s monster movies.The film relies heavily about sympathetic relationship both protagonists: Bacon and Ward.An ambitious production,interesting as movie and hokey FX .Graboids deliver the goods with hair-rising suspense and grisly chills when the weird creatures emerge from underground.It's remarkable for special effects -made by Animatronics,no computer generator like the sequels- recreating the carnivorous and ferocious monsters .It's followed by inferior movies aimed to video rental market: ¨Aftershock¨(S.S.Wilson)again with Fred Ward; ¨III Back to Perfection¨with Charlotte Stewart and Ariana Richards and TV series with Gladys Jimenez,Victor Browne,Marcia Strassman and as always Michael Gross.The essential particularities from the sequels are : A remote and desert location named Perfection ,a solitary small village with a small group pitting horrible Graboids and of course the usual presence of Michael Gross as Burt Gummer,besides all are produced by Brent Maddock,Ron Underwood and S.S Wilson.The motion picture is recommended for horror-action enthusiastic that will find pretty spectacular scenes and some humor and their appetite for gruesome shots will be satisfied.Rating : Better than average and entertaining.

Reviewed by Calicodreamin7 / 10

An absolute classic

Tremors is an absolute classic thriller, pitting the inhabitants of a small podunk town against four giant worms. The cast is well rounded, with Bacon and Ward playing the two unexpected hero's. And Reba? Amazing. The storyline is developed, the acting and dialogue not too cheesy, and the effects great for a movie it's age. Just a good time.

Reviewed by MartinHafer8 / 10

Great Hillbilly Sci-fi!!

I was absolutely shocked when I saw this film, as I really expected it to be a terrible piece of trash. Instead, I was thrilled that the movie had an excellent sense of humor and never took itself seriously--and that is why it was so successful. In many ways, the film was a lot like a traditional 50s sci-fi film about an invasion that the authorities won't believe is taking place--combined with massive amounts of drugs or a head injury to give it a very weird twist! Instead of the typical victims (usually teenagers),the citizens in this Western locale are anything but! Especially the wonderful characters played by Reba McIntire and Michael Gross! They actually seem to COME ALIVE and ENJOY the invasion of these giant killer worms, as it allows them to put their very formidable arsenal to good use!! They are probably better armed than some of our National Guard units! Plus, the others, including Fred Ward and Kevin Bacon, don't just stand there and die or act like idiots from a HALLOWEEN movie, but grab guns and get to work trying to save the planet! This is a movie that really succeeds since it has real attitude and is lots of fun!

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