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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Jokes not funny enough

Ben Stein tells the audience that VH1 found a yet unreleased 1986 movie. Charlie (Mikey Day) and Lori (Dominique Swain) are brother and sister new to the school. Their family has just moved from Pittsburg to California. Lori aspires to dance but dancing has been outlawed in the town. Charlie is ranked last in popularity with outcast Billie (Nicki Clyne). On the other hand, Kimberly (Brittany Daniel) is ranked most popular. Gabriel (Chris Kattan) is the former dance instructor turned janitor.

It's a poorly made spoof. It's a bunch of skid ideas and underdeveloped concepts smashed together. It more miss than hit. Most of the ideas are just simply pointing out of something ridiculous without a joke to back it up. Dominique Swain is going crazy yelling and screaming which makes Mikey Day oddly quiet in comparison. Tracy Morgan has some of the funniest moments and is the best thing in the movie. In general,there aren't enough funny jokes.

Reviewed by dobbin-48 / 10

Totally Awesome is Totally Awesome

From its 80's feel to its stupid humour that makes you laugh out loud. The movie is about a boy and girl who move from Pittsburg into a town that has completely banned dancing but when the girl rebels against that and meets the Janitor ( played by the hilarious Chris Katten) and in another plot the boy of the group competes against the coolest kid in school in a decathlon to prove he is better then them and along the way he meets Yakomosho or something a Chinese decathlon. This movie is very funny and proves that the spoof industry is still up and running. Overall you should this movie if you either like the 80's, were in the 80's or just like spoofs. I rate this fantastic movie a very accurate 83%.

Reviewed by TonyDood2 / 10

Sad Sign Of The Times

It's a sad sign of the times that many movies today pass themselves off as parodies when they are, in fact, just riding the coattails of the movies they are "parodying." Remember "Airplane"? Guess what! It's still funny! But just presenting people in loud, ugly clothes, pointing out obvious clichés and using silly phrases from the 80's doesn't make this an 80's parody; without those things it would just be a forgettable teen film about a nerd who wants to be a winner. There are tons of movies like that from the 80's already and most of them are at least as good, or no worse, than this. Sort of like how "The Wedding Singer" didn't really need to be set in the 80's at all either.

This would've worked as a real entry into the dumb 80's teen flick genre--movies that were made for no money, were not funny, were mildly entertaining and are only remembered now as a genre BECAUSE they were so lousy (and had all those awful hair and clothes fashions in them, as well as a lot of tinny "set it and forget it" music scores). There were a handful of good ones that have achieved classic status for being good films (the films of John Hughes),a slew of bad ones that were so bad they're still remembered today ("Mannequin" and the like),then movies that were like this one--silly, fluffy, mindless pablum hastily thrown together and playing on cable endlessly because they were cheap to purchase. Perhaps that's a compliment--the makers of this movie have succeeded in creating something exactly as it would've been in the 80's, with no wit or commentary added at all. Like those real 80's movies, there are a few laughs here, but it's not really worth the hassle.

The end credits show that the actors are generally more funny, and having more fun, in real life than in this movie. It's not the worst thing ever committed to film, but this makes "Not Another Teen Movie" look like genius comedy by comparison, and that's remarkable in itself. Chris Kattan, who can be a really funny guy, isn't funny here and embarrasses himself pretty good in this, as usual. And it's always a bad idea to have Ben Stein explaining the jokes along the way; Ben stopped being funny the minute we realized he was in on the joke of his Ferris Bueller cameo.

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