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While not life-changing, it is pleasant entertainment.

A few months ago, a four-DVD set of the first four Tora-san was released here in the US. I cannot find any further films in the series--at least not with English subtitles. This is sad, as I have really enjoyed the films and wish I could see more from this very long-lived and prolific series. If anyone knows about any further releases, please let me know.

This installment finds Tora-san a bit less of an annoying screw-up than usual. In fact, he accidentally makes good early on in the show when he arrives back in town after making a killing at the horse races. And, in a nice gesture, he offers to take his long-suffering Aunt and Uncle to Hawaii with him on vacation. Sadly, however, when they are getting ready to leave (amid great fanfare),Tora-san learns that the travel agent ran off his money. Instead of telling everyone, he waits until the three arrive at the airport--as he didn't want to lose face in front of all the neighbors who had come to see them off on their journey. This was understandable--especially since appearances mean so much to Tora-san. However, what happens next is pretty goofy--and pure Tora-san. He insists that the three of them secretly return home and pretend that the house is STILL empty--and convinces his Aunt and Uncle to remain quiet in the home. His plan is just to pretend they DID go to Hawaii and buy a few pineapples to bring back with them! Oddly, when this plan falls apart (as most of Tora-san's do),the Aunt and Uncle unmercifully blame him for everything! For once, Tora-san hadn't really done anything wrong--and naturally he stomps off as a result. But, his promise to 'never come back' was short-lived and he's back only a month later. This time, however, he is back to his old ways and makes a total nuisance of himself. That's because in the interim a pretty school teacher moves into the guest room and Tora-san is infatuated--and acts like a big-shot blow-hard. It's strange how his family put up with all this--yet were angry about Tora for the theft of their vacation! All in all, like the first three films, this is a slow-paced slice of life film. It won't change your life but it is quite enjoyable and well made. Worth seeing--particularly if you like Japanese movies--which I definitely do.

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