Tokyo Revengers


Action / Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aidenhale-1678010 / 10

Nearly Perfect Execution

I started reading the manga a little over a year ago, long before there was an anime and live action for it. I fell for the series instantly. I was not disappointed in the least by the movie, the choreography of the fighting scenes were 98% accurate, I say 98% because I don't think they could convey the fighting from any more properly than they did, after all it's not 100% realistic. The characters, were very much akin to their manga counterparts, to the point that most of the main cast looked exactly like their manga version, it's as if they stepped out of the move pages of the books, and was impressive. The story being packed into a movie, meant that there were thing's obviously left out, but I feel like they stayed very true to the plot and didn't miss anything of importance. I don't see why you wouldn't want to watch this movie, if you are a fan of the manga/and or anime already? It's far more true to it's original counterparts than a lot of live action's out there. Hope there will be a part 2!

Reviewed by pariisaap6 / 10

The leading character is worthless

This could be better with the idea of time traveling. The beginning part was good i motivated to see the rest of the movie. But the rest of the movie wasn't as good. The leading character was really annoying. A clumsy boy without any special capability. How can a girl love someone like him.

Reviewed by soeprijo198 / 10

"You always show up so suddenly"

Live action adaption of manga with the same title, this movie stays true to its original source. Of course, duration of movie has its limitation, so many details in manga didn't make it to the live action version. But still, this movie really worth watching whether you already read manga version or not.

Good movie 8/10.

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