To End All Wars


Action / Drama / War

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Pip Torrens Photo
Pip Torrens as Lt. Foxworth
Mark Strong Photo
Mark Strong as Dusty Miller
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Kiefer Sutherland as Lt. Jim 'Yankee' Reardon
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Robert Carlyle as Maj. Ian Campbell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho9 / 10

A Superb Movie About World War II - Bible vs Bushido Code of Honor

In 1942, 61,000 allied prisoners of war were forced by the Japanese to build the Thailand-Burma railway, also called the death railway, through the Burmese jungle in the very tight schedule of one year. A Scottish group of soldiers is arrested in a Japanese camp, and when their leader is executed by the Japaneses, the leadership of the band is transfered to Major Campbell (Robert Carlyle),Lt. Jim Reardon (Kiefer Sutherland) and Officer Ernest Gordon (Ciarán McMenamim). They become close friend of the British prisoner Dusty (Mark Strong),who speaks Japanese and understands their culture and principles. In order to support the starvation, the humiliation and the brutality of the captors, and keep the moral and dignity of their men, Ernest and Dusty give classes to the other soldiers. Through the Christian principles of the Bible, the men find freedom by forgiving the enemy and even through self-sacrifice. "To End All Wars" is a superb movie of war, certainly one of the best I have ever seen. Based on the true story, it is a deep story of human relationship and Christian principles. The cast is very inspired and it is hard to highlight one individual performance. The characters are very well constructed, and the story touches deep in the viewer's heart. It is impossible to control the tears in the scenes of the self-sacrifice of the selfish Lt. Jim Reardon, and the fate of Dusty. In the end of the story, the meeting of the real Ernest Gordon with Takashi Nagase in the memorial place is amazing. The Samurai's Bushido Code of Honor, which has many principles in common with Sun Tzu's The Art of War, is confronted with the Bible in this overwhelming movie. Most of the beautiful songs of the soundtrack are sang by Mãire Brennan, most known as Enya. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "A Última das Guerras" ("The Last of the Wars")

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

PoW ftw

Prisoners in a Japanese camp ... and they are not being treated right ... Geneva convention and all that. Now I'm fairly certain I've seen a movie where they had a similar thing going on, was just with Americans I think. Anyway, I wanted to remember it to name it here, but I'm lost at the moment. If I remember it, I'll circle back to this and edit it.

But if not, let's just appreciate this for the movie it is. Based on a true story and real people, this is more than just very well done. And with a cast that is quite incredible to say the least, not much could go wrong (pun intended). It may be a bit too religious and the ending will rub some people the wrong way ... but it is what it is. And it is about the will to survive ... about humanity and about forgiveness ... in some form or another. It's not easy to forgive and forget as they say ... especially not when the circumstances are as messed up as they are here ...

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Stirring and strong movie about Allied prisoners at a Japanese concentration camp in the Burmsese jungle

An intense and moving Concentration Camp picture with a lot of disgusting and violent incidents, based on the true story of Ernest Gordon. Regarding a Japanese Concentration Camp in which prisoners are submitted to severe tortures , punishments and grisly executions by beheading. It is set during WWII taking place at a concentration camp located in Burma where life is brutally harsh . On the Asian mainland , Japanese troops had overrun much of the southeast Asia . They had conquered what is now Malasya and Burma . The British defenders and their allied had retreated north and west into India . The bridge of the River Kwai was placed on the so-called ¨Burma road¨ stretched north from the Burmese , Rangoon , into southern China . It combined a railroad with a winding track through the high mountains near the Chinese border . There had many valuable natural resources , including large large oil fields , and Japan's victory in 1942 cut off the only land route into China from outside. The mountain and jungle of Burma were some of the most demanding environments for fighting in the whole war . Burma and Thailand was strategically valuable , however , it guarded the supply routes to China where were a million Japanese troops, but in such a huge country even that number could not win a decisive victory over the Allied . There are POW's, mainly from a Scottish regiment, they must build part of the enemy's supply railroad trough the ever-inhospitable jungle and working for building a bridge over the River Kwai were a group of war prisoners . A true story about four Allied POWs who endure harsh treatment from their Japanese captors during World War II while being forced to build a railroad throughout the Burmese jungle. Cruel conditions in the concentration camp make life very difficult and the climate also had a significant impact on the prisoners . In war, you have to survive. A True Story About The Will To Survive And The Courage To Forgive . In a jungle war of survival, they learned sacrifice. In a prison of brutal confinement, they found true freedom. The war has ended.. now the slaughter begins !

A moving film about the prolific sub-genre of Concentration Camps with usual ingredients as sadistic commandant , ominous wardens , heinous soldiers carrying out barbaric orders and inmates suffering savage punishments and ultimately they find true freedom by forgiving their enemies . A cruel film dealing with the ruthless , brutal truth about the most barbaric prison camp in the annals of warfare . Being allegedly based on facts , authenticated by the very few who survived the massacre in this terrible camp .The film boasts of a good plethora of British , Japanese and American actors , giving decent acting such as : Ciarán McMenamin , Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland , Mark Strong, Yûgo Sasô, Sakae Kimura , James Cosmo , Greg Ellis , among others. It belong to a sub-genre about prisoners imprisoned in Japanese concentration camps such as : ¨The Camp of Blood Island¨ (1958) with Michael Goodliffe , Michael Gwynn, Carl Mohner by Val Guest , ¨Bridge on the river Kwai'¨by David Lean with William Holden , Alec Guinnes , Jack Hawkins ,¨Return to River Kwai¨ this film is supposedly the following to classic with Crris Penn, Nick Tate , Timothy Bottoms directed by Andrew McLagen .And this ¨To end All Wars¨ (2001) motion picture was professionally directed by David L. Cunningham.

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