Time Lapse


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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John Rhys-Davies as Mr. Bezzerides
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Sharon Maughan as Dr. Heidecker
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Jason Spisak as Ivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Misss254 / 10

Total movie is actually hole

The story is about three friends who came across a time machine which shows the picture of future. So, the movie evolves around it. But, in this movie, these three friends are desperately trying to fit into the picture that they get from the machine. Why would they do that?? What's the point? If it's future, it's gonna happen for sure. Why they need to fit into the picture? And the last part or ending was a total mess, even the whole movie is massive mess.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

great sci-fi premise

Finn (Matt O'Leary) is a struggling painter and Callie (Danielle Panabaker) is his girlfriend. Jasper (George Finn) is their gambling roommate. Finn is the super in the apartment complex. Callie goes over to their neighbor Mr. Bezzerides and discovers a giant Polaroid which seems to take pictures of their living room one day into the future. Callie theorizes that they must fulfill the future pictures or else they can't exist in the timeline. Jasper immediately proposes to use the machine to win race bets. Events spiral out of control.

This is a great premise. It would make for a great Twilight Zone episode. At certain points, I'm not sure if the premise completely holds. It's a mind-bender and I'm willing not to question it. The three main leads are pretty good. The final picture is compelling. It's a well made sci-fi indie.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters10 / 10


Finn (Matt O'Leary) is an apartment manager who fancies himself a painter. He lives in a flat with his waitress girlfriend Callie (Danielle Panabaker) and sports betting buddy Jasper (George Finn). When the newspapers start to pile up at the neighbors place, they investigate only to find a camera that takes photos a day in advance. The camera is bolted in place and faces the threesomes' living room window. This takes on interesting aspects for a gambler. The owner of the camera has passed on and now our threesome live their lives to make sure they don' t "mess with time" by ensuring they match whatever the photo tells them to do.

This is a wicked good low budget sci-fi drama. The film takes some twists and then evolves into a Hitchcock style classic. With 15 indie wins under its belt, this is one film that will make you forget "Primer."

Guide: F-bomb. No sex or nudity.

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