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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darabrtalyarkhan10 / 10

A compelling watch

The film Tiger T24 is a fascinating insight into current human behaviour and has been brilliantly depicted by producer Warren Pereira through the metaphor of a magnificent tiger "Ustad" -T24.

It is a not to be missed film that is compelling viewing, and deserves a 10/10 score for its theme, originality, content, performance, music and direction.

Tiger T24 is a film about the two primary laws of nature - a territorial imperative and survival of the fittest. With the unrelenting and geometrical growth in human population, invasion into the traditional territories of other living beings and conflict becomes inevitable, often resulting in the death of the weaker opponent. Natural laws are now being overturned by artificially created human laws which mandate the capture, incarceration and humiliating submission of the victor.

Revulsion of such draconian artificial laws is beginning to rise up against such 'inhuman' behaviour, and Tiger T24 demonstrates how such changes are beginning to take place.

Reviewed by caesarfernandes10 / 10


Excellent, need more like this and it is a fact we all animal lovers should accept. In real sense we behave like animals and animals behave like human being.

Reviewed by whiteheadmatt10 / 10

Must watch documentary!

Tiger 24 is a riveting, thought provoking, emotional and relevant documentary exploring the intersection of man and wild animal. My heart was torn between the loss of human life and Tiger #24 having his freedom taken away for no fault of his own. You should watch this film not only because it's beautifully shot and edited, but because we need to understand how government policy is threatening human life and our worlds most beautiful and endangered animals.

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