Tickle Me


Comedy / Musical / Romance / Western

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Elvis Presley Photo
Elvis Presley as Lonnie Beale
Julie Adams Photo
Julie Adams as Vera Radford
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Merry Anders as Estelle Penfield
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Francine York as Mildred
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner555 / 10

Somebody's trying to scare the sideburns off Elvis!

Elvis Presley plays the Panhandle Kid, staying busy at a female dude ranch pitching hay, checking out the gamms on the girls while they're exercising, arguing with his female boss (who can't keep her hands off him!) and, of course, singing whenever the movie's pace needs a boost. In an outrageous but silly/enjoyable plot twist, it turns out one of the young ladies is involved with villains who are after her hidden treasure. All this leads Elvis to a ghost town where the bad guys dress up like ghouls and try to scare the sideburns off him. A brainless hoedown with an array of songs from the vault, "Tickle Me" served as Presley's IRS tax-bill movie and he's barely in character. Jocelyn Lane is a sexy cowgirl, while the haunted house finale is something new for a Presley picture. ** from ****

Reviewed by aimless-467 / 10

The Most Memorable of His Films-you know-the One with "Jocelyn Lane"

Although the Elvis formula films were pretty much the same when they were released, two factors made some significantly more appealing and memorable than others; the actress playing his love interest and the songs that were incorporated into the production.

A third variable, more important 40 years later, is how well each film has held up. Generally the less exotic the setting and the further Elvis is from an ocean, the better they have aged. In this regard "Tickle Me" benefits from its desert ranch and western Ghost Town sets-nothing elaborate and the only water is a rain storm.

And while the song selection in "Tickle Me" is nothing to get excited about, the leading lady is spectacular. Whenever Elvis movies come up in conversation you will find someone asking which one showcased Jocelyn Lane as an exercise instructor, then they get this far away look in their eyes and a dreamy expression on their face.

Lane makes "Tickle Me" the most memorable of the Elvis films for male viewers. I would rank it second, edged out slightly by "Viva Las Vegas" which not only has Ann Margret but a great song selection.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe7 / 10

Things aren't the same on the ranch.

Elvis Presley plays a singing rodeo cowboy waiting for the rodeo season to open and takes a job at a dude ranch/health spa for models and well-to-do women. The adorable Jocelyn Lane plays the cowboy/handyman's love interest. The ranch manager(Julie Adams) also has eyes for the singing distraction. Hidden treasure in a ghost town causes mild suspense and some slapstick comedy. In order to save money for the production company no new songs were recorded for the movie. Some tunes are almost five years old. The better ditties include:"Night Rider", "Dirty, Dirty Feeling", "Slowly But Surely" and "Easy Question". Some of the background sets are super cheap; the plot kind of flimsy; but the magic between Presley and Lane sizzles and smolders. I think that and the music are worth the price of admission. Also in the cast are: Jack Mullaney, Edward Faulkner and Barbara Werle.

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