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Kaitlyn Dever as Lily
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George Clooney as David
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Julia Roberts as Georgia
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Billie Lourd as Wren Butler
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Reviewed by cinema_is_life7 / 10

Early 00's romantic comedy essence!

If you are fed up with all these Netflix comedies lacking of humour having actually push yourself to crack a smile " Ticket to Padise " will definitely make things easier for you.

It was a relief to watch a rom com that had fast paced just to the point dialogues. The staring couple was great. Their long last friendship had them feel comfortable with each other so they had a great connection in front of the cameras. Roberts is one of tbe best actresses ever in a variety of genres but romantic comedies will always have her as their Queen!

So if you are looking for a ticket that gets you a couple of hours of joy and relaxation this movie is the answer. Enjoy!

Reviewed by masonsaul7 / 10

Formulaic romantic comedy done right

Ticket to Paradise follows a very familiar formula that has very few surprises in its narrative but that works as a nice reminder as to why this formula works so well when done right, especially in the hands of two perfectly matched screen legends.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts are both great, having worked together many times before their chemistry and comedic timing is instant and extremely strong. Kaitlyn Dever is really good with a warmth makes her sudden relationship feel genuine.

Ol Parker's direction is also really good, the location constantly looks gorgeous and it maintains a solid pace throughout. The music by Lorne Balfe works perfectly for the film's tone, so grand and swoon worthy.

Reviewed by mordaviram8 / 10

The perfect amount of kitsch

The layout of the movie is plain and simple- a girl fell in love with the "wrong guy" and the parents (who are divorced) are trying to change her mind. We have been here before, we have seen this, we know how the story goes. From here it is all about execution - and the movie did it gracefully.

The movie revolves about 3 things needed for the decision to merry a person: time, place, circumstances. The lessons which they have learnt are being shown through the movie, all of the schemes and secrets are in a collision course, leading to a great cinematic finale.

For a movie in that category- it is a 10/10. But again, this is a cliche romance which doesn't push its boundaries that much or trying to push a complex character development so it is bound to max of 8 by its own limitation. A typical feel good movie for elder people who remember the couple from "pretty woman" and also for young adults who're dealing with spouse acceptance issues.

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