There's No Place Like Home

2018 [ITALIAN]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Claudia Gerini as Beatrice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ben_Solo_lives10 / 10


This is an exeptional movie!! The dyalogs between the characters are amazing (I saw it in its original language since I understand Italian) and the tension between them feels so real. Everything happens in a few hours just because of a storm. They have to remain on the island just one more day after the wedding of their parents, but one day is enought to blow up their minds. Because they can't stand each other, they have secrets and nobody seems truly happy, but this movie is made to let you think and reflect about your own life choices. It gives you hope. It's never too late to change your life if you are not happy. This is the message of the movie. It's better to face a bad reality instead of going on to pretend that you are happy. You can reach happiness only if you try to do something. It's never too late to change your life. I think everybody should see this movie. It's amazing!!!

Reviewed by fabiosciarra-17 / 10

A pleasant but dated film

"A casa tutti bene" depicts a family interior that would have been noticed perhaps thirty years ago. After 10 years of strong economic crisis, in today's Italy this type of upper middle class family doesn't represents a very common model anymore. If Muccino's flick doesn't meet at all the drama levels from Vinterberg's Festen or italian tragic comedy from Monicelli's Parenti serpenti , the movie remains enjoyable and well acted yet very italian style.

Reviewed by fbvgdfbdgfngfgf10 / 10

Gabriele Muccino has done it again

I know some people don't get Muccino, but I wait every his movie counting days. I cry every time watching them. This movie is no exception - it is beautiful. But if your mind is burned out with Hollywood crap where good guys are green and bad guys are red and have horns, may be skip it. This movie is about the Universe as we see it, right in front of our eyes, each person has its own Universe where he tries to find happiness by doing his best and following advices of people who love him just to find out that it is impossible and the only thing you can do is... I better leave it to Muccino. Thank you Gabriele for being out there in my Universe... I love you

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