The Wonderful World of Disney Eloise at the Plaza


Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy

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Julie Andrews Photo
Julie Andrews as Nanny
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Christine Baranski as Prunella Stickler
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Sofia Vassilieva as Eloise
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Jeffrey Tambor as Mr. Salomone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by snapper-1210 / 10

10 out of 10 -- Spunky, Fun, Light-hearted and Warm...a Family film pure and simple...

As my children and I were watching Eloise at the Plaza we were tickled too many times to count them all and laughed endlessly. Ten year old star Sofia Vassilieva is several things: 1) Beautiful 2) Charming 3) Precocious 4)Unbelievably intelligent 5) Funny 6) Sweet as sugar and 7) A highly skilled child actress.

There are not too many films today, including some Disney videos, which are truly a family-safe too many times we conscionable parents are set-up by liberal Hollywood with a cute theme, but only to suffer foul four-letter words and filthy sexual double-entendres vomited forth from the mouths too-many of today's movie children. The South Central Los Angeles corruption of America's morals has been flooding movies for a decade now. But I am so pleased to announce that Eloise at the Plaza (and also Eloise at Christmastime) does not indulge the revised lessening of children ethics in any way whatsoever.

In fact Eloise is a lovable treasure. This movie is about a sprightly, bubbly munchkin of a 6 year old girl with a teasing way, but a wholesome way about her. When all things are taken into account there is notably no places in this story where a parent needs to hold their hands over the eyes or ears of their younger children. There are no points that need to be sped up to the next DVD chapter. Like a Blessing from parent Heaven, the good heart of Eloise is exactly as a conscionable parent would have expected, frivolous, endearing, and full of unexpected kid 'spunk'.

10 out of 10.

Reviewed by ritalee9 / 10

Fun, fun, fun!

Being bored was not allowed in this movie! Julie Andrews was brilliant as always! The lovable newcomer Sofia Vassilieva was also a delight to watch. Awesome entertaining action from start to finish. The plot line was refreshing even if there were some 'clichéd' moments. All in all a wonderful family movie. Kids, teens and adults will love it because there is something in it for everyone. Although there was something about the end that made you feel it shouldn't have ended there--maybe it's the hook for the sequel. Well, I'm hooked!

Reviewed by bettiem9 / 10

I'm a 76 year old grandmother and found this movie delicious (for me).

My children enjoyed the Eloise books many years ago - now my grandchildren have fun with the little tyrant of the Plaza. We love New York, and saw a lot of it in this movie. We love "The Little Prince" and were thrilled by the way it was worked into the plot. Every single character from the room service waiter to the carriage driver to the harried manager to the Yale student tutor to the young debutante and her mother, snobbish Mrs. Daniels to the chef to the main character was marvelous. Each one seemed made for the part. Julie Andrews as Nannie was so easy to identify with, and Eloise - what a wonderful six year old. She should be another Shirley Temple or more. My personal favorite was the son of the Prince. I could identify with his pain as well as his courage to test the New York waters, led magnificently by the naughty but nice Eloise. The plot is not only humorous but also profound. This is a childrens' an adults' and seniors' movie. I will never again walk into the marvelous Plaza Hotel at 59th and Central Park South without thinking of precious and precocious Eloise. Disney take note, I would love a sequel.

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