The Wonder


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Florence Pugh as Lib Wright
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Ciarán Hinds as Father Thaddeus
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Tom Burke as Will Byrne
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Niamh Algar as Kitty O'Donnell
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Reviewed by steveinadelaide8 / 10

A slow-burn film about the power of belief

THE WONDER, directed by Sebastián Leliois, is an intriguing exploration of the relationship between science and religion set in the Irish Midlands of the 1800s. The story begins when English nurse Lib Wright (Francis Pugh) is brought to a small village to investigate the case of Anna O'Donnell (Kila Lord Cassidy),an 11-year-old girl who has stopped eating but remains inexplicably alive and well.

As news of Anna's condition spreads, tourists and pilgrims begin flocking to the village in the hopes of witnessing a miracle. But as Lib begins to suspect that there may be more to Anna's story than meets the eye, she finds herself caught in a battle between those who believe in the power of faith and those who put their trust in science.

Florence Pugh is excellent as Lib, infusing the character with a sense of both determination and vulnerability. Her scenes with Cassidy are particularly strong, as the two actresses play off each other perfectly. The cinematography is beautiful, and the film's exploration of its themes is thought-provoking. The script is intelligent and well-written, and the film's overall atmosphere is incredibly effective.

THE WONDER is a slow-burn film about the power of belief, and how it can sometimes lead us down a path of self-destruction and is sure to leave you guessing until the very end with a lot to talk about after the credits have finished rolling.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf7 / 10

The Wonder

Florence Pugh is English nurse "Mrs. Wright" who travels to Ireland to nurse a young girl who hasn't eaten in quite a while. Well at least that is what she thinks. Upon arrival, she discovers from the board that she and a nun (Josie Walker) are not to nurse at all, but to sit and watch what happens to this young girl "Anna" (Kíla Lord Cassidy). Is this all a fraud or is it divine intervention that is enabling this young woman to survive un-nourished but for the odd sip of water. Enter Tom Burke's rather sceptical journalist "Will", a local who moved to London but who still has more than his fair share of demons. Soon he and the nurse begin to bond, despite their initial difference of opinions about the whole thing and she knuckles down to discover just what is going on. Pugh is really effective here, delivering a characterisation that is considered and sympathetic but by no means gullible. The story is a slow burn, and to be honest I found the conclusion a little implausible and unsatisfactory but she and the young Cassidy carry this really well. The dialogue is sparing with some beautiful scenery that helps well to depict an Ireland still in the grip of anti-English sentiment and religious superstitions.

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