The Wheeler Dealers


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James Garner as Henry Tyroon
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Chill Wills as Jay Ray Spinelby
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John Astin as Hector Vanson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-14 / 10

Another Dumb Comedy From the '60s

Boy, usually we think of very-dated movies being from the decades, perhaps of the 1920s through 1950s, but this 1960s can be the absolute worst in that regard as that decade was undergoing such radical cultural changes. What was "hip" or "cool" back then looks so stupid now, it's embarrassing to watch. This movie is a prime example.

This isn't quite the bra-burning days later in the decade, but the feminist message was a big part of this story, that women can wheel and deal on Wall Street, too. Well, that's fine but most of the characters in here acted so arrogant and stupid that the movie is annoying. Yet, to be honest, remember liking this in 1963 at the movie theater. Times - and us - change. Now this just looks like the typically-dated and immature 1960s.

One thing that hasn't was my fondness for Lee Remick's face (not her politics). She was pretty to look at in 1963 and just as attractive when I saw this on VHS in the late 1990s. She was a good poster "girl" for the feminist movement.

I can't say I was enthralled with the humor of Phil Harris, Jim Backus or Chill Wills in here, although I have laughed at those guys on occasion. Louis Nye, pretending to be an abstract painter riding a bicycle on the canvas, still made me laugh, however. James Garner was the star of the film and it's tough to criticize him, so I won't.

Reviewed by SimonJack5 / 10

Shallow plot has no laughs or sparks

"The Wheeler Dealers" is quite a dumb film. And, it's not because some freewheeling millionaires have their own 727 aircraft. It's the plot with its quick moves and constant buying-selling to everyone's advantage by the hero. James Garner plays the role well, as Henry Tyroon. (Would that be as in tycoon, only spelled with an 'r?') And, most of the cast are fine in their roles. But the plot is so goofy and all over the place. No doubt it's intended to show the unlimited capacity of Henry to wheel and deal in virtually any situation. But that doesn't provide any humor and the film is weak in its portrayal of the romance.

The movie needed to slow down, pick just a few dealings and milk them for comedy with more witty dialog. There just isn't anything in here that induces laughter. Nor is there much spark in the romance. The underlying theme of writing things off, getting around the IRS, etc. was something of the culture in mid-century. I seem to recall it with adults talking about working so many hours each week for the IRS. That went on from the late 1940s maybe through the 60s. But, I think it died out – or at least wasn't among the top things on people's minds after that.

Lee Remick plays Molly Thatcher in a shallow role for her talents. Phil Harris, Chill Wills and Jim Backus are fine in there roles. It was a stretch for me to give this film five stars, but the talent of the cast earn that – even if they aren't used very well here.

Here's a sample of the best comedy this film has to offer. Molly, "Is your word worth anything, or isn't it?" Bullard Bear (play on words with the name of the Jim Backus role),"Well, it varies."

Henry, "You're a rich man, and a rich man can't afford to go broke."

Molly, "Was that Italian?" Henry, "I find that in New York most French head waiters are Italian." Molly, "And you speak Italian?" Henry, "No mam. A little wetback Spanish. Sounds the same."

Reviewed by edwagreen5 / 10


Run of the mill comedy where transplanted Texan, Jim Garner, with southern drawl, seems to have the Midas touch in making money despite the fact that his oil wells have dried up, As a result, he goes to New York to try his hand at the stock market and meets female stock analyst Lee Remick.

The good theme of the picture is that it deals with women in the work place, especially here at Wall Street. As her boss, Jim Backus wants to get rid of her so he assigns her to a dead end stock which hasn't been viable in years. Wait until you find out what the stock has been lined to.

You know of course where this shall all lead to regarding the Garner and Remick characters. There is a fling for him at a restaurant and art gallery.

As an art critic, Eliot Reid is wasted here but Garner's pals made up of Phil Harris and Chill Wills are funny here.

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