The Wedding Unplanner

2020 [SPANISH]

Action / Comedy / Romance

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Álex García as Carlos
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Belén Cuesta as Marina
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brendarazenberg8 / 10

Funny movie

It was just a really funny movie to watch. I'm not fluent in Spanish, but that didn't matter, as it it an easy to follow movie with a lot of jokes. Had a great time watching it. The story is not very different from all the other wedding planner movies but for me that was okay.

Reviewed by mynameandris3 / 10

Two absolute garbage human beings screw over a decent woman

I legit can't find anything decent to say about this movie. I am literally writing this review as I am watching it because I'm so bored and infuriated at the same time that I would rather write an awfully written, haphazard and meaningless criticism than to continue watching this failure.

The guy is an infantile manchild without an ounce of spine in his body, the girl is a somewhat more compelling, but still hedonistic selfish idiot. This would not be a problem intrinsically, but they are constantly screwing over the angel of a fiancé. It would be . The only satisfying scene in the movie was when these two bufoons get their comuppances. But even that is lackluster. Would've been at least a 5/10 if both of them would've drowned at the end, which is, granted, an overly harsh fate, but at least something would happen to them. Sure, good things happening to good people, bad things happening to bad people, justice being served is not a neccesity for me to enjoy a comedy, or any kind of movie for that matter, but in this particular case, at least I should feel a little semblance of simpathy towards the main pair instead of complete resentment. Or if you make me hate them, at least let them be the ones who get the short end of the stick during the gags.

Speaking of gags. Even if the two protagonists and their actions wouldn't be a flaming dump of manure, the gags would still blow. At least some of them are grin-worthy I guess, but most of them are very weak renditions run-of-the-mill clichés, like getting high accidentally, girl hiding in plain sight etc. Oh and a dog dies because the main woman. It's not like you can't make these things funny, but by the point gags like these happen the protagonists already cemented themselves as people without any silver linings in the personality department. Honestly, they deserve eachother.

I guess I can't really say anything bad about the actors themselves. Nothing out of the ordinary, but at least they didn't do any injustice to acting, and it's not like it's their fault the script is doodoo. What an incredible achievement.

It's not the worst thing that ever happened to cinema, it's not even worth talking about it that much. It's such a nothing movie that I probably won't remember a thing about it tomorrow. But somehow, someway it still managed to piss me off and bore me enough for me to think about it for about 10 minutes and write a useless rant. I dunno if it deters anyone from watching it or dares them to do so anyway, but I felt good letting it off. I guess it did that for me at least.

Reviewed by chris_ts7 / 10

Pleasant and funny.

As the movie started i was afraid that it will be plain. Thankfully, the one disaster leaded to another like a domino and it kept my attention until the very end. It wasn't perfect but it was pleasant and funny.

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